Han Chae Young Transforms into a Female Warrior

Han Chae Young recently joined the crew of female actresses who have showcased and performed action scenes in dramas. Actresses Kim Tae Hee from KBS “Iris” (2009), Lee Na Young from “Plan B” (2010), and Su Ae from SBS “Athens: Goddess of War” (2011) have attempted to discard their established image and transform into a female warrior. Han Chae Young will be showing off her acting skills in action scenes in the upcoming Korea, Japan, China collaboration drama, “Stranger 6.”

The stunning actress, who has always been called ‘Barbie Doll’ since her debut, left a strong impression even through a short appearance in the KBS drama “Boys before Flowers” (2009) as Yoon Ji Hoon’s (Kim Hyun Joong) first love Min Seo Hyun. There is high expectation over what kind of new characteristics she would infuse into her version of a National Intelligence Service agent. 

“I haven’t done a lot of action scenes in movies or dramas, but I’ve had personal experience in learning how to perform them because I enjoy exercising. Acting in action scenes is definitely a challenge for me, but I’m not scared about it because I have fairly good physical attributes,” Han Chae Young confidently commented. While that is the case, comparison among other actresses still bothers her. Han Chae Young claimed, “It’s true that I feel burdened because other actresses act so well. But I try to work hard in analyzing the character of my role without stressing out since I still have a lot of time.”

In preparation for her role of the character Ahn Ji Hae, a National Intelligence Service agent who has wounds from the past from losing her lover from an accident, Han Chae Young is studying and referring to productions in the similar genres. “It would be nice if someone I knew was a National Intelligence Service agent, but there isn’t, so I usually refer to movies or dramas. I’m in the middle of a creative process of augmenting imagination based on the synopsis.” Drama “Stranger 6,” which showcases Han Chae Young’s transformation, plans to be aired simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan this fall.

Original Article Written by @alice, Translated by @cherryspirit, Photos by Park Jong Myung (Studio V)