SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon’s First Solo Showcase ★

On March 5th, SS501’s youngest member Kim Hyung Joon’s first solo album “My Girl” showcase was held at the Kahya Theater. The 578 seat theater was packed with fans who came to see Kim Hyung Joon’s solo performance. In fact, Japanese fans came to the showcase in three buses. In comparison to the previous stages he performed on as a group SS501, it’s a small stage but he was able to get closer with his fans. He commented, “It’s a small performance because it’s been quite a while since I’ve been on stage, but I wanted to arrange it in an intimate setting.”

Kim Hyung Joon’s new album “My Girl” consists of five tracks: title track “Oh, Ah,” “Angel,” “Girl,” “Not a Different Girl but You,” and “Heaven.” Various musicians and composers such as E-TRIBE, Rado, Oneway’s Chance contributed in the album. Also Kim Hyung Joon personally wrote the lyrics for “Not a Different Girl but You” and “Heaven.” The title track “Oh, Ah,” composed by Rado, is impressive for its lyrical taste and unique rearrangement. The song is unlike any of the previous k-pop songs, not to mention SS501’s style songs for that matter. He seemed confident as he stated, “I wanted a new type of sound and ‘Oh, Ah,’ was really so fresh for me. Initially I worried that the song lacked popular appeal, but as I was shooting the music video, I began to feel that ‘this was indeed the title song.’”

The biggest difference and pressure felt between performing as a solo and as a group is the fact that one has to fill in the stage alone. Although he suffers from deep pressure over the notion that he is completely alone during the three minutes or so on stage, he’s been able to gain strength from the support and encouragement from other SS501 members.

“Kyujong and Young Saeng are also currently working on their album. They give me a lot of advice over the phone and also told me that they would come over to support my first broadcast performance. They asked me to do solo activities under the image in lines with SS501.”

Park Jung Min showed off his strong friendship with Kim Hyung Joon by stopping by the music video set as well as attending the showcase. The two, who were nicknamed “Tom and Jerry” during their SS501 years, continued on with the stories in a serious and at times playful manner. Park Jung Min stated teasingly, “I’m a super senior than you since I released my first solo album in January. I even got casted as a leading role in a Taiwanese drama. Aren’t you jealous of me?” However, he didn’t forget to support Kim Hyung Joon as he commented, “The music sounds fresh and the music video is great, too. I think you’ll be able to have good results.”

Kim Hyung Joon calls himself a “greedy person.” Currently, he is a DJ for SBS Power FM “Kim Hyung Joon’s Music High” and an owner of a Starcraft Pro Game League through MBC game “SS501 Hyung Joon Creates a Game League” program, but there’s still tons of things that he wants and has to do. He yearns to become a musical actor like Jo Seung Woo through ample musical performance experience, and plans on financially supporting his young Game League members so they can earn the pro gamer certificate. He also wants to receive 1st place for his solo album and try out acting by coming across a role that would suit him well.” Furthermore, he signed a huge deal with Japan’s major agency AVEX and will launch his promotional activities in Japan, starting this April.

“I will be performing on stages larger than those during our SS501 years, so please look forward to them.” The reason that Kim Hyung Joon, who is back this time as a solo, is confident and not daunted is not simply because of the bright blueprint ahead of him. “Back in the days when we did promotional activities as SS501 group, I had vast experience in performing in various stages in numerous countries and I’ve gained a lot of know-how along the way. Although I’m nervous and feeling pressure, I have greater confidence that I’ll be able to succeed based on my experiences from SS501.”

It was through SS501 that he was able to gain confidence and it is because of SS501 that he wants to obtain successful results. The cheerful and confident solo activities of Kim Hyung Joon, who desires to “become a musician and artist who makes the public curious and anticipated of his next album,” is about to begin now.

Originally Written by @alice, Translated by @cherryspirit, Photos by Lee Sang Hee (Studio V)