The Loveable Couples of Dream High

On February 28th, KBS2 finally broadcasted the last episode of “Dream High.” The chemistry between the couples from the drama made the audiences hearts flutter as they went through the ups and downs in the series.

Jingook (2PM Taecyeon) Hyemi (Miss A Suzy)

As childhood friends, Jingook and Hyemi went through rough times together. As a hidden child of a chaebol, Jingook was often lonely and alone. It was Hyemi who was always by his side comforting him. There were times where she had surprised him with a birthday cake and presents on Christmas Eve for Jingook, who had no idea when his real birthdate was. These two made everyone hold their breath as viewers watched the cable car kiss scene.

Samdong (Kim Soo Hyun) Hyemi (Miss A Suzy)

Their bird kiss was a hot issue from the start. While Samdong was furious at Hyemi for various reasons, ranging from lying about her feelings to him and taking care of him as he slowly went deaf, he couldn’t shake off his feelings towards her. He had spat out phrases like “You’re like a pesticide to me” to express how intoxicating she is to him. As a result, this couple earned the nickname “pesticide couple.” Samdong had always felt like a third wheel to Hyemi because of her tight bond with Jingook. However, Samdong starts to see hope as Hyemi started realizing her feelings for him. They share a kiss as Samdong reaches towards Hyemi from outside the bus window.

Jingook (2PM Taecyeon) Samdong (Kim Soo Hyun)

As with Hyemi, these two fight over everything, even underwear. However, Jingook and Samdong are deeply bonded and probably cannot live without each other. When Jingook was caught up in an assault case, deafened Samdong entered a singing test and scored perfectly to encourage him. The friendship these two friends share is enough to make anyone wish they had a friend like Jingook and Samdong.

Jingook (2PM Taecyeon) Baekhee (T-ara Eunjung)

These two make the most charismatic couple. Baekee was the one who helped Jingook not lose sight of his dream as he almost had to flee the country for his father’s political election. The two showed great chemistry during their showcase, and Jingook finally stirred up enough courage to pursue his goals. However, both Jingook and Baekhee had their share of hurt and misery, making them the most heart-wrenching couple. What’s more, their love was one-sided as only Baekhee liked Jingook. Viewers were anticipating further development of this couple as Baekhee and Jingook fell into an assault scandal but were left with no further progression.

Hyemi (Miss A Suzy) Baekhee (T-ara Eunjung)

These two were the best of friends, or so Baekhee thought. Baekhee didn’t seem to mind when Hyemi acted cold towards her or when people called her “Ko Hyemi’s sseraeppa.” Sseraeppa means slippers in Korean, and the nickname indicates how others saw Baekhee as her personal assistant – wherever Hyemi goes, Baehee goes. As Hyemi continues to press Baekhee’s buttons, she finally explodes and decides to take revenge. However, as Hyemi goes through a tough period, “dark Baekhee” sees her mistake and returns to the good friend she used to be. As Baekhee goes to the police station to set the record straight between the true story about Jingook’s assault, Hyemi supports her by singing “A Goose’s Dream.” The two developed a strong friendship throughout the series.   


Jason (2PM Wooyoung) Pilsook (IU)

They started off as two strangers who met at an audition. At the time, Pilsook was an overweight student who dreamed of becoming a star, and Jason was just a courteous somebody who helped her. However, eight months later, Pilsook reappeared as a cute and loveable, 66 pounds slimmer, girl. The two hid their feelings for each other, all the while flirting with other men and women. After confirming each other’s feelings, just looking at each other made the world rosey. Pilsook takes charge of the relationship as she makes the first move to kiss Jason. In the end, Pilsook gains back her weight but continues to enjoy life as she grows her love with Jason and runs a kindergarten that has a play on words to IU’s name.

Jingook (2PM Taecyeon) Hyemi’s younger sister Hyesung

Hyemi’s younger sister, Hyesung, has a crush on Jingook. Hyesung is the only character in the drama to call Jingook “oppa,” which has another connotation in Korean. Jingook also takes care of Hyesung like a younger sister, often bringing her sweets and snacks. The two have had many adorable moments securing their place as the cutest couple in the drama. As Jingook developed into a top Korean hallyu star, Hyesung became a lovable high school student.   

Hyemi (Miss A Suzy) Pilsook (IU)

Hymei has always been there for Pilsook. Whenever Pilsook felt confused about her feelings for the kind Jason, Hyemi was by her side to comfort and console her. While there were times Hyemi felt a bit annoyed with Pilsook’s never ending troubles, she was always there for her. They continued to blossom their friendship as both faced new changes in their lives.

Written by @hurlkie, translated by @hotshotlover30

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