[Recap] Hoping for Yunho's Tears

Strong Heart Episode 64 Recap (02/15/11) Part 2

Yunho’s turn came to talk about his chalkboard story which was titled “0 liters of tears.” Yunho explained that usually, he doesn’t shed tears. Then he started to delve into his story explaining that when he first came to Seoul, he was basically a Kwanju (Area in soul considered the countryside) man. At first he thought that he should speak in his Kwangju dialect in order to advertise his area. Yunho received culture shock regarding an incident with a man dressed in hip hop pants, using a bus card.

(In Korea, you fill up a bus card with money and just have to put it against a machine in order to pay for the bus). This man had put the bus card in the back of his pants, and just brushed his butt up against the machine. This shocked Yunho and he thought to himself “What the?!!?! This is Seoul huh.” (Hahaha pretty funny)

Then his culture shock was accentuated when he met a bunch of bullies on his first day in Seoul. They tried to take all of his belongings and were going to beat him up. Yunho screamed “It’s okay to hit me but don’t you dare take my CD.” Somehow he found another CD and succeeded for his audition. However, his grandfather and father were very strict and wanted Yunho to study instead of becoming a singer. But, Yunho of course isn’t the type to give up easily. He stayed in Seoul but didn’t receive any financial support from his parents. He had to do part-time jobs do support himself, and even had to sleep inside of Seoul station (T_T). Yunho never asked for help because he believed succeeding on his own (because his parents were against becoming a singer).

Before DBSK was created, he explained that it had many pre-names such as “Dong Bang Bul Pae,” (LOL, the Korean name of a Chinese movie titled “Swordsman,” but it sounds very similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki) “Jeon Meuk Go,” (Short for Whale that Eats Legends, but it sounds like the Korean word for eating “Jeon” (A Korean dish that is delicious, Yum) and “Oh Jang Yuk Bu” (A word used in Korean traditional medicine that encompasses all of a person’s insides such as the heart, liver, and lungs).

Now, SM Entertainment had given him these names and told him to prepare because they were going to make a new group. When Yunho was in his first recording session, he received a call saying that his grandfather was on his death-bed (His grandfather was very brusque as he had lost one eye and hand during the war). However the moment that Yunho went to visit him, his grandfather was lying down but looked at Yunho and gave him a “thumbs up” (T_T). This was the last time that Yunho got to see his grandfather.

When Yunho was crying with tears, Yunho’s father told him that his grandfather had sought him out saying “I need to see Yunho debut before I die.” After his grandfather passed away Yunho spent three days crying for his grandfather. Yunho made a promise for himself, that he would never cry again until he felt like he had reached a point of stardom where he would be satisfied. That’s the reason why Yunho has been saving his tears and titled his chalkboard as “0 liters of tears.” (Also, the reason why his signature pose is a thumbs up, so that he never forgets his promise with his grandfather) Yunho expressed that he would like this year to be successful for DBSK and towards this year’s end, cry and tell his now-deceased grandfather “I love you.”

Kang Hodong commented that there were probably man times when Yunho wanted to cry, and Yunho agreed. There was one time when Yunho was terrorized. He received a drink that was filled with a poisonous substance. Yunho couldn’t understand why somebody that he doesn’t even know, want to hurt him. (-_-, Hate it when people do these kinda things) Yunho explained that he had a difficult time because he was so young, and it was more difficult for him to understand. During that period, a lot of horrible things continued to happen to him. (Example: breaking his back before a concert). Changmin admitted that this story was true because Yunho never seemed to cry. Changmin was concerned because there were many moments that Yunho should’ve cried, but it seemed like he was holding the tears in (Sounds unhealthy for anybody’s mental well-being, but throughout this story Yunho’s eyes were watery but he still held in his tears T_T). It was time to judge whose talk was better and Yunho won (Of course).

Johnny Yoon’s chalkboard read “Life is a beautiful comedy.” He explained that humor can be found everywhere in our everyday lives. He explained a story about his friend. One day his friend was stressed out saying “Ah, I’m so stressed out. Some guy stole my wife’s credit card.” So Johnny Yoon told him, “Hey, you got to try to find him right away.” His friend replied, “Don’t worry about it! The thief only spends half of what my wife did.” When I asked why, he said, ‘Because the thief doesn’t even spend half of what my wife spends with her credit card.’” (The whole panel loved the joke and applauded him. Johnny Yoon explained his beautiful concept that if you look around carefully you can easily find things that bring you laughter in everyday life.



Kang brought up the fact that Yoon made multiple appearances on the Johnny Carson Show. Johnny Yoon explained that the Johnny Carson Show ran for 30 years. (The longest for any type of talk show in the world) Johnny Yoon added that he made 34 guest appearances on the show, the second highest among all guests. He said that show really brought him to fame and so he expressed his appreciation to Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson told Johnny Yoon, “Don’t thank me. I’m only going to call you while you’re good.”

At one time Johnny Yoon received a call from the Blue House (White House of South Korea). Johnny Yoon made a joke about the situation of politicians saying, “In the US, if politicians do something illegal, they go to jail. In Korea, they go to the States.” Apparently someone from the Blue House had heard about Johnny Yoon’s joke. (Because the Johnny Carson show was on AFKN a U.S. military broadcast in Korea). Johnny Yoon ended up receiving a call from the Blue House, “If you make another joke like that, you’ll never be able to come back to Korea.” Johnny Yoon was upset and responded, “I would get really sad if I couldn’t go back to Korea due to some illness, but if I can’t go back because of making a simple joke, I would feel proud of myself. So, please don’t call me this late for such a silly matter.”

Johnny Yoon then explained, “If you look at that, life is really a beautiful comedy. So you all should always try to live happy and laugh a lot.” Kang wrapped up Johnny Yoon’s part by saying, “You don’t smile because you are happy. You are happy because you smile.” The time for judgment arrived again, and Yunho won again.

The next guest was Yoo Ha Na. She was asked to start off her talk with a cutesy comment. Yoo Ha Na said “Even if my stories are boring, you are going to laugh riiiiiight?*^^*” (Kang Hodong gave a What The? Look). Kang Hodong re-asked Lee Jong Suk what line made him famous as an actor, and Lee answered, “Screw Off!” (It’s a line from his role in drama “Secret Garden”). Lee Seung Gi and Kang asked Hana if she’s really that popular in Taiwan. She said, “I filmed a drama in Taiwan titled ‘My Lucky Star.’ And the TV ratings were so high, like in the 40-50% range. So wherever I went, there were tens of motorbikes following me. Because of that, there was a scandal between me and Taiwanese actor Lim Ji Ryung.” Kang looked a bit irritated by Hana’s comments (it’s his way of joking around by making fun of comments) and asked Jong Suk to repeat his Secret Garden line again. “Screw Off Please,” Jong Suk said again.

Hana’s topic was “From girl to lady.” She said she did a one month English camp in Australia in middle school. There was a Korean tour guide there who was a med school student. She said his name was Tony, and Moon Hee Jun suddenly jumped in asking if she was talking about his “Tony.” (Hee Jun’s reference to Tony from H.O.T). Kang laughed saying Hee Jun is always paying attention to every single line of the show, looking for a moment to jump in (these guests need to make as much funny comments as possible to receive air time). Hana continued, “One night, Tony was about to head out for a drive in his sports car. I wanted to follow him so bad and thought about asking him to buy me ice cream.” She said Tony refused saying he can’t tolerate any individual activities. Hana said she kept asking for ice cream, and Tony eventually gave in and took her out for a drive to the downtown area. In the car, Tony sang after a song, and Hana thought he looked so cool that she just fell in love with him. But right at that moment, the leading instructor of Hana’s group called Tony. “Where are you Tony? Hurry up and come back with Hana,” the instructor told Tony. So they went back and Tony immediately got fired, she said, and a ban was put in place to stay away from Hana. But that made Hana feel like she and Tony were like Romeo and Juliet, and the two started talking to each other on the phone every night. She felt like really falling in love with a college student oppa, and continued talking to him for about 3 months even after returning to Korea. But when he said he was going to visit Korea just to see her, she got scared as she was so young and immature and stopped keeping in touch with him. After a few years, when Hana was attending Chung Ang University, she introduced herself to some sunbae (older classmate), and the sunbae looked really surprised and asked for her name again. So she repeated her name, and the sunbae out of nowhere asked if she knew Tony. She said she does, and the sunbae replied, “Tony’s an old friend of mine. He told me that he used to really like this little girl. He said if that little girl achieved her dreams, she’d probably be at my school.” So Hana got Tony’s contact info and they kept in touch for another two or three months until Tony finally made his visit to Korea. Hana was so excited because she was now a grown up, a mature woman. So she put on a lot of make up and tried to look as pretty as possible for their first ever date in Korea, after not seeing each other for so long. When she eventually got to meet him, he said “Oh, you look so pretty now.” But to Hana, he wasn’t the same old Tony she imagined him to be. He gained some weight, but she just tried to think of it as “we’re both getting old together.”

But after making that comment, Kang started laughing (Hana’s only 25; Kang is 40), and Kong Hyung Jin said, “We’re more like sixty.” Hana said, “That’s how my first love ended.” Kang turned the question to Yunho and asked for his first love. Yunho said, “My first love was in high school. I was pretty late. It was more like a movie scene. I was in the rain without an umbrella and suddenly this random girl walked up to me with an umbrella. She said you have something on your cloth and cleaned myself for me. That was our first meeting.” Yunho just fell in love at that moment. The audience was so touched by the story that they exclaimed something like “Aish…” (which is also a Korean expression made when you’re upset, implying the audience are jealous of her). Seung Gi reminded the audience that they’re here to be the audience, not as fans. Kong pointed out there’s another unhappy fan here pointing at Mina. Kang asked Kong if he remembers his first love (a joke at Kong’s older age). Kong said, “Of course I remember. Who doesn’t?” Kang said, “That’s funny because most people say they forget about their first love after getting married”(Trying to imply that he got married to his first love; a sign of an innocent man in Korea). Seung Gi said “It’s because Hodong got married to his first love,” and Kang tapped his back saying, “You’re doing a good job.”

Seung Gi switched the topic to Moon Hee Jun. He asked Hee Jun how many stories he’s got ready, and Hee Jun said, “Seven stories, or 36 pages when printed. And I haven’t been able to tell any of them yet.” Seung Gi said, “We’ll make sure to listen to that story in a private place.” Hee Jun asked for a favor to the two MCs saying he hadn’t eat anything today. He said instead of eating, he instead planned out a new corner. He said all he needs is two minutes to complete the story. Hee Jun started the his part saying, “This is a new section of Strong Heart. Moon Sugar’s Diary. This is a section looking to win an award from SBS. I planned for this section by skipping dinner. SBS sponsors it, KBS is jealous of it, and MBC monitors this segment (meaning it’s that popular). We’ll kick off the show now. So that was the first half. Shall we start the second half now? 8 years ago, when Yunho and Changmin were trainees at SM, they came to say hi to me. I just replied, “Oh I see.” (he was arrogant back then). Because of me, the two were kicked out of the training room (since Yunho and Changmin were just trainees). But right now, the two are sitting in front of me. (Usually the more popular stars get to sit in the front row of shows. Hee Jun’s sitting in the corner of the back row).” The guests all screamed “H.O.T’s good ol’ days.” Hee Jun continued, “If I had any idea those two would become this big, I should have left the training room. After eight years, Changmin finally opened his mouth. He really talked a lot today. I’m really jealous of you (only the big star guests get to talk that much and receive long air time).”

Hee Jun continued to the next part. “Girl’s Day’s Mina said she was a fan of Yunho growing up. Dear my fan club, Judist, please debut as a singer (he wants to be treated like Yunho). Right now! You should all debut and make an appearance on Strong Heart. But…” Kang suddenly cut him off saying his two minutes were up. The winner of the Strong Heart talk was Yunho.

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