New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 March Week 2

DBSG – Keep Your Head Down (repackaged): Know This Before You Leave (March 16)


01 Before U Go (Monologue)
02 Before U Go

03 Keep Your Head Down
04 Maximum
05 Story I Don’t Want to Believe
06 Crazy (feat. Jay From Trax)
07 Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho Solo)
08 Rumor
09 Confession (Changmin Solo)
10 Our Game
11 She
12 Athena (Athena OST)
13 Journey (feat. SNSD Seohyun) (Paradise Ranch OST)
14 Before U Go (Monologue) (INST)

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After sweeping Asia with their new album, “Keep Your Head Down,” DBSG returns with a repackaged album with a new track, “Before U Go.” It is an R&B number in contrast to their powerful dance track, “Keep Your Head Down.” It is expected to be a big hit as well. There are a total of fourteen tracks, a special acrylic frame packaging, as well as a 54-page photo booklet.


SG Wannabe Vol. 7 Part 2 (released)


01 Song Confessing To You
02 If I Can Love Again
03 Only

04 Even If Love Leaves
05 Sending Away
06 Road (Road of the Passion)

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SG Wannabe releases the second half of their seventh album after five months. It consists of six songs written by hit composers and lyricists such as Jo Young Soo, Jun Hae Sung, Maybee, and Min Yeon Jae. The group had trouble picking a title track, and “Song Confessing To You,” “If I Can Love Again,” and “Only” were chosen as the top three. The group is expected to sing all three of these songs for the first time at their nationwide tour encore concert.


Wheesung – Story of a Cold Heart (released)

01 Story of a Cold Heart Rap feat. Yong Jun Hyung of B2ST)
02 No Way
03 Person I Know
04 Story of a Cold Heart INST
05 No Way INST
06 Person I Know INST

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Wheesung begins his story this month with a new single album titled, “Story of a Cold Heart.” The artist strays away from the typical ballad, R&B, dance, and rock genres to stay true to his own music styles. The album consists of title track of the same title, “Story of a Cold Heart” as well as two other songs, “No Way” and “Person I Know,” all of which were penned by the artist himself. Wheesung also took part in producing the album and the music video.


K.Will – The 2nd mini-album (released)


02 Speechless
03 Heart is Beating

04 Symptom
05 Filled With Energy (feat. Supreme Team & Sistar)
06 Gift (feat .Eun Ji Won)
07 Speechless (INST)
08 Heart is Beating (INST)

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K.Will returns to the music scene with his second mini-album, “Heart is Beating.” This time the artist shows more than just ballads as he sings about love and becomes a love messenger for listeners. K.Will also hopes to lend a hand and give strength to the exhausted ones.


Infinite – Inspirit (March 16)

01 Nothing’s Over
02 Shot
03 Can You Smile (Remake)

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Infinite who garnered love from fans since their debut comes back transformed 180 degrees with a single album titled, “Inspirit.” The members stray from their chic image. Instead they return looking young, unique, and carefree. The title track is “Nothing’s Over,” composed and penned by the Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo combo. The lyrics that will leave listeners a positive impression and the easy melody line are expected to be a hit. Also included in the album are powerful dance number “Shot” and a remake version of “Can You Smile.”


Davichi (single) – Smile, Mom OST Part 8 (released)


01 One Person
02 One Person INST

Davichi participates in the soundtrack for the SBS weekend drama series, “Smile, Mom.” The drama tells a story about women and the importance of the mother figure. The song “Davichi” takes part in is “One Person,” the ending song for the drama. It is a medium tempo ballad number composed by hitmaker Shin In Soo. It is about the thankful heart one feels for a mother.


Other Releases:

Loptimist – Vol. 3 (released)
B2ST – Lights Go On Again: Deluxe Special Asian ED (March 15)
DJ Wegun – Soul Food Maker (March 15)
Byun Jae Won – Vol. 2 Wind From the Sun (March 15)
Hwesang – Vol. 1 To My Friend (March 15)
Choi Si Young – 2nd Single Album (March 15)
Hit the Nine – Hit the Nie (March 15)
Gom PD – Friends (March 17)
Lucite Tokki – Self (March 17)

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