Korean Celebrities Respond to Japanese Disaster

We hope that Soompiers everywhere are safe and also those currently residing in Japan. Many Korean celebrities are taking action to provide assistance to Japan. Here are links if you can also help out:

International Red Cross   http://www.icrc.org/eng
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent  http://www.ifrc.org/
UNICEF  http://www.unicef.org/support/index.html

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After winning 1st place on SBS’s Ingigayo, Taeyang briefly spoke about Japan, “As you know Japan is being majorly damaged. We will sincerely pray for the safety of Japanese residents and the fans that love us.”

Kara is donating all of the profits from their new single album “Jet Coaster Love”

(JYJ) “We don’t know where to start. We have heard that many people have been harmed by this unexpected disaster. Our hearts are deeply saddened, and we are more sad because this is happening to those of you that love and cheer us in Japan. We hope that everyone can quickly return to their normal lives, also we hope that everyone is safe.”


Bae Yong Joon who is especially popular in Japan has donated 1,000,000,000 won (Roughly around 1 million dollars) to the Japanese relief effort.

Jang Geun Suk has donated around 140,000,000 won (Around 140 thousand dollars)

On a sidenote, glorysakae’s (a fan of Jang Geun Suk) tweet attracted a lot of attention for Korean netizens and news broadcasting. It reads “There was a big earthquake in Japan. Although Japan is a country that commited much sin, Koreans, please pray for us. Even the subway has stopped. Small children can’t return home. Please pray for us. I plead you.

Many retweets contained warm messages of encouragement, while a few tweets contained negative tones. (>_<)

Kim Hyun Joong has donated around 100,000,000 won (Around 100 thousand dollars).

Both actors Ryu Shi Won and Song Seung-Hon have donated around 200,000,000 won (Around 200 thousand dollars)

Actress Kim Tae Hee was preparing for her debut into Japan but returned before the earthquake. She has been reported on being sympathetic for Japan.

Actor Lee Byung Hyun through his webpage has said “I wish to give what little courage and help I can to those that are in a sad and difficult position.” It has also been reported that he has said “Everyone within South Korea need to combine forces to give hope to Japan, as the closest neighbor if we try to aid Japan with sincere hearts then no more sacrficies will occur.” He is also planning a relief effort.

Lee Min Ho tweeted and posted on his facebook the following message: I hope that all the missing people are safe. This link is for the google missing persons finder! Global Disaster Relief on Facebook is sharing english information for foreigners in Japan and information on ways to aid Japan.

(BOA) “Those of you in Japan fighting against the big earthquake, I am angry that I cannot be of any strength. I believe that this earthquake is a difficult time because it has taken away so many lives, and a saddened. Keep strong. I am praying to God. For those that have not been found yet, and for those that have passed on…”


(2AM’s Jo Kwon) “My heart hurts as Japanese fans couldn’t come to the 2AM concert. Please be healthy and we are cheering you on, we are praying for Japan.”

(Se7en) “I am worried for those of you in Japan, I pray that you are not harmed.”


(Kim Rae Won) “I pray that those in Japan won’t be harmed”


(After School’s Gahee) “Pray for japan… Please be careful!!”

(2PM’s Taek Yeon)

(Wonder Girl’s Sun Ye)


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