IU’s Adorable Fashion Items from “Come to Play” ★

On the recent White Day Special episode of MBC’s “Come to Play” entitled “A High School Girl’s Diary,” three female high school stars born in 1993—IU, f(x)’s Luna, T-ara’s Ji Hyun—appeared and discussed their worries as teenagers. Since the show aired, the fashion items that IU sported during the show have been garnering much attention.

IU pulled off a cute and casual style by wearing jeans with a colorful flower printed striped shirt and accessorized black horn-rimmed glasses. Although she wasn’t all dressed up, IU’s adorable outfit has received countless inquiries on the manufacturer.

Most of all, the flower printed striped shirt gained enthusiastic responses from viewers. Bloggers recognized that the shirt was designed by Juicy Couture, and the store received tons of calls asking about the product as soon as it opened the next morning.

Also, during the show, IU revealed her cute heart patterned teddy bear wallet as she took it out to show her identification card photo inside. Since the show was aired, the wallet designed by Lovcat has been enjoying explosive popularity. Nicknamed “IU’s Teddy Bear Wallet,” it has emerged as an instant hot-item, even ranking #1 on real time keywords on portal sites. It was later told that MC Park Kyung Rim purchased it as a gift for IU. Furthermore, IU was also wearing a ‘Mickey Mouse’ watch designed by Walt Disney Jewelry.

After watching the show, viewers commented, “She’s able to pull off a style like that because she’s IU,” “Even though she’s wearing glasses, she looks so cute, while I look so bad,” “If I were only five years younger, I would love to wear the same outfit.” During the episode, IU wowed everyone on the set by singing her favorite songs with her beautiful trademark vocal tone.