IU, “My Mom Thinks I Look Like Shin Bong Seon!”

“National little sister” IU admitted that personally she thinks that she looks similar to comedian Shin Bong Seon.

Recently, IU made a guest appearance on MBC FM4U’s ‘Public Broadcasting with UV’ segment of “Pond and Dreaming Radio,” hosted by Comedian DJs Yoo Sae Youn, Jang Dong Min, Yoo Sang Moo. When one radio audience member asked what her thoughts were when people tell her that she looks similar to Shin Bong Seon, IU replied giggling, “My mom also said so.”

IU elaborated, “And at times I personally feel the resemblance as well when I look at myself, especially our eye shape and the lower part of our face.”

“When I first met Shin Bong Seon in person, I was so stunned because she was so much prettier than I thought. She is so beautiful and charming the more I see her,” IU added.

DJs Yoo Sae Youn and Yoo Dang Moo also agreed complimenting, “Shin Bong Seon is our junior and it’s surprising how soft-hearted, easily moved to tears, and charming she is.

However, Jang Dong Min made everyone on the set burst into laughter by joking, “Shin Bong Seon, you are not allowed to send in questions like this!”

During the radio program, IU also shared her thoughts about her ideal guy type. When one of the radio listeners questioned, “What do we have to do if we want to go out with you?” IU answered after contemplating for quite a while, “a guy with nice collarbones.”  

Once IU unveiled her eccentric ideal type, Yoo Sang Moo started to playfully hit on her by taking off the jumper he was wearing. IU further remarked, “When a guy who usually wears tight clothes, sports a loose fitting knit sweater, I get attracted to him and for some reason I love guys who have nice collarbones.”

IU opened up about the rumors over the “Milky Couple” (IU and 2PM’s Wooyoung from the drama “Dream High”) going on two secret dates. “We took our managers and coordinators along for the meals, but I guess that’s how it was rumored. We went out to eat once at a family restaurant and again to eat rib eye and Wooyoung paid both times.”

Furthermore, IU radiated charm with her live performance of her most recent song, “The Story Only I Didn’t Know.” The audience praised, “The performance was breathtaking,” “truly the best,” and “IU rocks,” impressed by IU’s live performance and her bright and smiling manner from start to finish despite her insanely hectic schedule.

Check out these cute photos of IU from the film set of MBC FM4U’s “Pond and Dreaming Radio”!

“What is your name?”

During a commercial break, sweet IU signs an autograph for an audience member on his guitar! 😉

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