[Review] DBSK’s Manly New Single “Before U Go”

On March 14th, “Before U Go” which is the title song of the repackaged “Keep Your Head Down” album was released. The concept of this album is probably either “DBSK Style to the Max” or “Completely SM (Entertainment).” The single is an R&B Ballad single that is very SM-ish and reminiscent of the group DBSK as a whole before the changeup.

The fact that the new single is classic R&B is intriguing. “Before U Go” was composed by the brothers Yoo Young Jin, Yoo Han Jin and the lyrics were written by Yoo Young Jin (who are considered the “SM Bible”). Contrasting from the current trend of electronic pop songs, this single focuses on the singers’ vocals. The focus on vocals, the part that suddenly switches from 1/8 beat to 1/32 beat, and the honest portrayal of desperate and passionate love are very SM.

Yunho and Changmin show off their honest vocals supported by an R&B beat, that were previously nonexistent from the get-go after the introduction. The combination of Yunho’s hightone chant and Changmin’s emotional and explosive vocals are a good match. This R&B single is surprising for those that have considered DBSK merely as a dance or performance oriented group. For DBSK which is now hard to define as a true “Idol Group,” this single shows a new side of DBSK’s magnetism.

It appears that DBSK are enjoying dramas because the music video is very dramatic. The music video is very similar to the recent SBS drama “Athena: Goddess of War” because Yunho and Changmin play agents that are protecting the security of Korea. The flashy action scenes are also an important highlight.

Written by hurlkie@soompi and translated by Jbarky@soompi