Furious Photoshop Battle between SNSD and Super Junior Fans

So it looks like both SNSD and Super Junior have some ultra-talented, avid fans who have epic photoshopping skills!

SNSD and Super Junior members recently did a couple photo shoot together as models for a clothing brand. The photoshop battle between SNSD and Super Junior fans was triggered by a netizen who posted a photoshopped version of the photo spread, entitled “Furious and Talented SNSD Fan.”

In the original version of the photo spread, Hee Chul & Yuri and Si Won & Yoona are featured as couples, posing with their hands around each other’s waists and shoulders.

However, in this hilarious yet amazing photoshopped version, Hee Chul is nowhere to be found in the picture because the SNSD fan has erased him out of jealousy. Instead, he has been replaced by Yoona! Yuri and Yoona appear as a lovely couple with their hands wrapped around each other.

While the the SNSD fan’s edited version has been receiving huge attention lately, this time a Super Junior fan gave it a shot. The Super Junior fan also erased SNSD members and photoshopped it into a photo spread with only Super Junior members.

Netizens who have enjoyed both versions playfully commented, “Fans scare me the most,” “If we bother either of them, we’re in big trouble!,” “Photoshop geniuses,” “The future of Korea’s photoshop looks bright.”

So which version do you like the best? Original, SNSD, or Super Junior? �de09