Why Did BoA and IU Refuse to Become ‘Ghost Students’?

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” IU revealed why she decided to give up going to college. IU, currently a senior in high school, stated, “Even if I enroll in college, I don’t think I’ll be able to attend classes on a regular basis. That’s why I decided not to go to college. I want to start college later when I know I’ll be able to focus well on academics.”

When listening to IU’s remark, two contrasting types of celebrities pop up in my mind. One type, like BoA, who did not attend college, and the other type of celebrities, who have enrolled in college but technically are ‘ghost students.’

Superstar BoA, who was picked up by SM Entertainment when she was in fifth grade, did not attend college. Despite intense competition from numerous universities to recruit her, BoA decided to give up college and to focus on her career.

BoA shared her thoughts about her decision. She stated in a confident manner, “Educational background is not considered that important in my profession. I believe that one’s sensibility or ability is more crucial than one’s educational background. I wasn’t able to attend high school and took the GED instead, so even if I go to college, I won’t be able to attend many classes and I’ll most likely end up becoming a ghost student, don’t you think? Personally, I believe studying that way is worthless. Later when I have the time, I would like to study more properly.” So BoA’s reasoning is in the same context with that of IU’s.

However, BoA and IU are the exceptional cases. Unlike these two stars, numerous celebrities attend college. Of course, there are some celebrities, even after getting in the college, who are serious about their academics and fulfill all their duties as a college student. However, the problem is that these exemplary celebrities are only a tiny minority. Instead, the majority of celebrities who enter college are just ghost students who barely show up for classes, let alone even go to the college campus at all.

With the recent surge of celebrities who are starting the make their debut while they’re in elementary, junior high, or high school, the number of celebrities who are attending colleges have experienced a sharp increase as well. On top of that, due to increasing numbers of celebrities who use college attendance as a means to boost their image as well as delay their military duties, there are more celebrity ghost students now.

In reality, celebrities tend to face a difficult situation as it’s physically hard to juggle both work and college life. However, they manage to graduate from college despite being a ghost student and receiving special (?) care regarding academic matters. Fellow college students and the public are voicing strong criticism of such celebrity ghost students.

BoA and IU are being applauded for their decision and desirable attitude to postpone college enrollment due to the fact that they cannot fully commit themselves. I would hate to think that they would lose out on the college experience. I’m sure this was an extremely tough decision to make, fighting!!!!! �de09