Stars Reveal Their Most Unforgettable Fan Stories ★

Natural beauty, talent, golden opportunities, and hard work are all essential factors that lead celebrities to stardom. However, it’s really the love and support from the fans and public that enables them to rise as shinning stars. And it’s because of fans that stars can exist. As public attention of them start to fade away, celebrities may lose their popularity and most likely be forgotten when out of the public eye. Likewise, for dedicated and loyal fans, their favorite star is more than just a good-looking, talented individual in which they are in love with. It’s the reason they breathe, their daily inspiration, motivation, support, and even role models of their life.

In the past, fans used to passively express their love and support their favorite stars. However fan power and culture has evolved to a whole new level. Fans nowadays have become much more active, creative, meaningful, and systematic in pursuing various fan activities. They have also stepped up to take the lead in improving their celebrity’s image. For instance, fans would make donations under the stars’ name, volunteer for various organizations in celebration of the star’s birthday, prepare meals for the whole staff to eat at filming sets, and collect massive funds to sponsor ads and promotions for their stars.

Then again, there are also some crazy, mind-blowing fans out there who would do anything it takes to grab the attention of their favorite celebrity by leaving a lasting impression. As the fan base continues to increase rapidly, fans sometimes use weird methods in order to stand out amongst the crowd.

Here is a collection of the ‘most unforgettable fan’ stories picked by the stars! Enjoy ;

“What a hot fan?”


At the “Ninja Assassin” movie press conference, Rain stated that his most memorable fan was a Thai male who was dressed as a drag queen. He commented, “A female fan with a nice-looking body, donned in a pretty dress, came to see my performance in Thailand. Later I realized that it was a man instead of a woman who was wearing a female outfit.”

 “The Most Touching Fans”


▲Super Junior’s Lee Teuk

Lee Teuk revealed that there was an unforgettable ajumma fan who deeply touched his heart with her warm love. “I went to Singapore along with other Super Junior members to give a performance and I met a Korean ajumma there who was running a Korean restaurant. She gave me a sweet letter which said that it’s her first time writing a letter to a guy other than her husband. She also gave coins to all the members as a present, explaining that seven coins stand for good luck in Singapore. She told us to please stop by her Korean restaurant when we come to Singapore to perform again. I still cannot forget her.”



At the “Ninja Assassin” movie press conference, Rain also talked about his most memorable female fan. “I think most people usually don’t forget their first dating experience. I remember a very skinny little girl who gave me a fan letter and a present for the first time.” He added, “I think she was in 6th grade or so and made a doll for me. I still have that doll at home.”


▲Bae Soo Bin

So it turns out that Bae Soo Bin’s fans give a special present every time he finishes a new project. “Whenever I finish a new drama or movie, my fans create a thick review book for me that contain feedback about my acting, such as the acting in this scene was awkward and bad, or this part was good, based on thorough monitoring. It always plays a big role in helping me decide my next project.”

“The Most Outrageous Fans”

▲Big Bang

On his appearance in SBS’s “Night after Night,” Seungri went on to talk about Big Bang’s most unforgettable fan. “One time, T.O.P went down to practice and a fan appeared out of nowhere and suddenly threw a handful of sunflower seed cookies on his face! So surprised, T.O.P was like ‘what was that?’ and went over to the fan and asked her why she did that to him. The fan was like, ‘I’m sorry oppa. I was reading the magazine the other day and saw an article about a Kang Dong Won fan who slapped him on the face at his fan signing event.’ But then Kang Dong Won mentioned her as his most unforgettable fan. So she also wanted to be remembered as the best fan to T.O.P and that’s why she threw all those sunflower seed cookies on his face! But after listening to her story, T.O.P kindly patted her and even gave her his autograph.”

But this set a bad precedent because things started to get out of control as widespread rumors about the incident circulated right away. “So we were done practicing and about to hop in our van, when fans started running toward us, yelling ‘Seungri, take this!’. They began throwing all these different kinds of presents at us, while yelling, ‘PLEASE REMEMBER ME!’” Next time, you guys should come up with less violent ways to grab the attention of Big Bang! �de09

▲Eun Ji Won

In SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Eun Ji Won talked about his weird and most unforgettable ‘soy sauce’ fan. “I guess she wanted to share stuff with me. She would always bring a water bottle filled with her left over soy sauce and give it to me as a present. But then I can’t refuse to take it right, since it’s a present from a fan. So I would receive it, and continue to receive it the following day, and the next day, and day after day. So soy sauce bottles started to get stacked up in my room.”

“But then the other problem was that she would have huge mood swings. So one day when our eyes met, I said hi, then she would furiously yell, “**** off!” so I left thinking that maybe she doesn’t like me anymore… Then, on the next day, I tried to pretend I didn’t see her and quietly passed by since I heard “**** off” from her the day before, but then she would scream, ‘GIVE ME A RIDE!!!'” Wow, what an unpredictable fan!