Hyun Bin Will Soon Be Catching Ghosts!

(The title is “Hyunbin Will Catch Ghosts Soon” because in Korea there is a saying that the marine training is so vigorous that marines have the ability to catch ghosts)

The Korean marine blog “Fly Marine Boy” released Hyunbin’s second week of training pictures. Hyunbin is training on the Dogu beach and he is receiving KAAV boarding and IBS training. The KAAV is a Korea Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Therefore the training that Hyunbin is going through is wearing the safety gear and landing on the beach. The IBS training involves using rubber boats and being deployed on beaches.

Hyunbin looks very healthy in these pictures and Netizens are prasing him. “It looks like Hyunbin is filming an action movie,” “I hope he finishes his military service safely and comes back more charming.”