Big Bang Releases Audio Teaser For "Stupid Liar"

An audio teaser was released today on Big Bang’s youtube channel for their song “Stupid Liar”. Along with “Love Song”, they are the titles tracks from their upcoming Special Edition Album.

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From our previous article about Big Bang’s album, “Stupid Liar” was produced prior to the release of their 4th mini album and was close to being selected as the title song alongside “Tonight.” Based on a guitar riff, “Stupid Liar” has powerful rock beats that enliven Big Bang members’ unique vocal and rap sound. “Love Song,” written and produced by G-Dragon and Teddy, is a song that sounds slightly different from their previous tracks.

“Big Bang will promote these two new title tracks for about three months. After two weeks of preparation, they will first perform at the SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on Apr. 10th,” YG Entertainment said. Due to their Japanese promotions in May and June, Big Bang will promote this album until May 1st. The music video for “Love Song,” the first and only music video from this album, is scheduled to be released on Apr. 15th.