“Korea’s Got Talent” to Air Early June

In the midst of this era inundated with various audition programs, another stage performance is awaiting us. Cable channel tvN will be producing a Korean version of the “Got Talent” series entitled “Korea’s Got Talent.”

Now people in Korea will be able to experience the similar breathtaking moments, such as when ordinary cell phone salesman Paul Robert Potts was able to receive a big round of applause from the notorious sharp-tongued Simon Cowell, when Susan Margaret Boyle awed the world with her remarkable voice, and when Liu Wei who lost both his arms due to electrocution played the piano with his feet.

“Korea’s Got Talent” will be produced in the same format as the other “Got Talent” series due to regulation set by U.K’s Fremantle Media. The reality series will feature a panel of judges comprising musical show producer Park Kolleen, “Romantic Heaven” director Jang Jin, and actress Song Yoona, making them the “dream team.” They stated, “We want to be part of unearthing Korea’s Paul Potts and Susan Boyle.” They also hope to enjoy and sympathize with each contestant’s story rather than to snap stinging remarks. Thus, it is expected that the program is more likely to focus on discovering hidden gems rather than eliminating the contestants.

“Korea’s Got Talent” has been accepting applicants since February 9th via ARS, official website, and smart phone apps. The show will hold regional auditions nationwide starting with Busan on April 2nd and air its first episode on June 4th.

Originally written by girlalice@soompi, Translated by cherryspirit@soompi, Photos by studio_v@naver.com