New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 April Week 1

4minute Vol. 1 – 4minutes Left (April 5)

01 4minutes Left
02 Mirror Mirror
03 Heart to Heart
04 Sweet Suga Honey!
05 Pretending You Don’t Know
06 You Know
07 Already Gone
08 First
09 Hide and Seek
10 Badly

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Korea’s global pop icon, 4minute returns to the Korean music scene this month with their first full length album, “4minutes Left.” The title track is “Heart to Heart” which was released earlier as a digital release. It has a soft melody that flows well with the song’s strong beats. Another track work mentioning is “Mirror Mirror,” an addictive number with a hook line, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.” Other tracks in the album include ballad numbers, “Pretending You Don’t Know” and “Badly,” and a song dedicated to fans titled, “You Know.”

Park Jung Min mini-album – As Much as Flowing Tears (April 7)

01 As Much as Flowing Tears
02 Go Go
03 Not Alone
04 Do You Know
05 Every Day is Like Christmas
06 As Much as Flowing Tears INST
07 Go Go INST

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SS501 member, Park Jun Min returns with his first mini-album, “As Much as Flowing Tears” after showing fans a successful solo debut with dance number, “Not Alone” earlier this year. The title track is of the same title and is a thank you letter to fans. It was co-composed by Choi Gap Won and Kim Jin Hun. Through this song, the singer hopes to shed his SS501 image and come before fans as “Park Jung Min.” Also included in the album is dance number “Go Go” and three songs previously released in his single album, “Not Alone.”

Jung In mini-album Vol. 2 – Melody Remedy (released)

01 Because…
02 Monsoon
03 Kiss Me
04 Chul Soo and Mimi (feat. Gil, Supreme Team)
05 End of the Year Special

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Top vocalist, Jung In makes a comeback after a year with her second mini-album, “Melody Remedy.” As the album title suggests, the singer hopes to comfort those hurt by love through her music. The title track is “Monsoon,” which was co-composed by Brown Eyed Soul’s Young Jun and hit maker Go Hong Jun. Jung In showcases her vocals in a song about never-ending tears due to a breakup.

Tony An – Topstar (released)

01 Topstar
02 Thank U (feat. Simon D)
03 Trouble Maker
04 Change
05 Going to Meet Now (Junjaman Bottoms Up Remix)
06 Topstar (INST)

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Former HOT and JTL member, Tony An returns with his first mini-album, “Topstar.” The title track is of the same title and is a bright and lively dance number that will get people dancing. The song was composed by Psy who has been a great friend and fellow colleague of Tony An during military service. Another song included in the album is “Thank U” which was already heard through entertainment shows such as “Hot Brothers” and 100 out of 100.” It features Simon D, bringing in more interest from fans. “Trouble Maker” on the hand has strong beats and a groovy feel while “Change” showcases Tony’s clear vocals.

Orange Caramel (single) – Bangkok City (released)

01 Bangkok City
02 Bangkok City INST

Orange Caramel returns as funky club girls this month with their first digital single, “Bangkok City.” The groovy sounds of this electronica funk music are something only the girls can do. This addictive dance number about shaking a boy’s heart on the dance floor is expected to garner the interest of fans.

Seo In Gook (single) – Broken (released)

01 Broken

Seo In Gook, who has gained much love with love songs tries something different with his new digital single, “Broken.” The singer experiments with a sad breakup number that showcases yet another side of him.

KCM (single) – Reason Is You (released)

01 Reason Is You
02 Reason Is You INST

KCM, known for his sweet vocals returns this spring with a love song, “Reason In You.” The artist has already been recognized as a singer songwriter as he had produced his fifth album released in 2010 among others – the singer takes part in creating “Reason is You” as well. The song is about the thankfulness a person feels for a special someone who has given strength throughout his life. KCM is able to master this song with his emotional vocal skills.

Brian (single) – Propose: Shine (released)

01 Shine (On Your Heart)

Brian releases a new single titled, “Shine (On Your Heart).” Co-composed by hit composers Song Yang Ha who has worked with top artists such as Lee Seung Gi, Kara, and Kim Gun Mo, and G-High, the song has house rhythms along with acoustic sounds that blend well with each other. The song is about the bright feelings felt during the start of a new relationship.

Other Releases:

Jtong – Busan (April 5)
No Brain – Vol. 6 High Tension (April 5)
Soulciety – Just Say (April 7)
Brave Girls – Ain’t Nobody Like Brave Girls (April 7)
Neon Rabbit – Seoulight (April 7)
Brian – Unveiled (April 7)
Eloise – Video 1 (April 7)
Baek Du San – Vol. 5 (April 7)

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