[Updated] Big Bang’s "Love Song" Exclusive Preview with Teasers

Enjoy the updated version with all the teasers, read below and you can find out the exact order of the teasers in the song itself. YG Entertainment have given Soompi exclusive access to preview the new unreleased songs on their upcoming Big Bang Special Edition Album, to be released later on this week, in order to give their fans a preview of what’s to come.

Before we can move forward it is important to bring up the Big Bang Mini 4 Album, in order to get a better understanding of the new songs. Was it what we expected? Was it all that and a bag of chips? 

To say it was what we expected is tough as the album portrayed Big Bang in new artistic sounds which we have never heard before. The new sounds hit the spot, every song still plays on my ipod, even the intro, and these new tracks will be a great addition. The variety of songs, from ‘Tonight’ to ‘Café’ and then ‘Somebody to Love,’ vocally, instrumentally and rhythmically were all unique and showed us a new side to Big Bang. I am amazed myself by the variety and great sounds Big Bang has produced, my favorites ‘Lies,’ ‘Haru Haru,’ ‘Café,’ and‘Tonight,’ sound like they come from various artists but it shows their raw talent. So what can we expect from “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar?” You will be stunned, because it is more raw talent.

“Love Song”
Written by: G.Dragon, Teddy
Composed by: Teddy, G.Dragon
Arranged: Teddy
Additional Rap written by T.O.P

This first track introduced to us was “Love Song,” from the upcoming dual title track album. I was taken aback by the style as it completely took Big Bang to a different level unheard of before. What stood out to me was the melody and beat of the whole song. To me it sounded like a pop/rock style over laid onto a slower U2 jam in the background, a very interesting combination, yet very catchy and pleasing to listen to. An acoustic U2 styled guitar plays throughout the song as the background beat. The song used a lot of the voice synthesizer which was an interesting mix to the U2 styled background beats. 

Teaser #1

The first thing you hear as the beat starts is TOP (Teaser #1) verbally singing, which is immediately overwhelmed by Dae Sung’s powerful voice (Teaser #2). GD comes in singing the chorus repeatedly “I hate this love song, I hate this love song. . .” (Teaser #5) Tae Yang and Seungri join in the song after the chorus with high toned vocals similar to their original styles (Teasers #3 & #4). This vocal line up of the members continues throughout the song. 

Teaser #2



Teaser #3



Teaser # 4



Teaser #5


I loved the intro, TOP coming in talking with an interesting beat in the background (translation, “the girl is becoming more distant and the guy starts singing but. . .”). Just like we heard in their previously released songs the members use their individual talents with individual vocal sets, meshed together in unison. Each of their vocal parts complement each other, TOP and GD had various soft rap verses, Dae Sung had a pressing voice showing his strong vocals although not overwhelming in order to work with the soft tones of the rapping, while Tae Yang and Seungri emphasized their unique singing styles heard in their own songs such as “Wedding Dress” and “What can I do.” Overall I loved the originality to the song. The beat and style was not what I expected but just like “Café” it grows on you as you find yourself singing along to the chorus “I hate this love song, I hate this love song. . .”

Stay tuned for the next review for “Stupid Liar” and Dae Sung’s “Baby Don’t Cry” will be posted in an hour.

Here is the link to part two of the preview: http://bit.ly/hDnRJV



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