Unique Japanese Method of Categorizing SNSD Members ★

Recently, a Japanese magazine named “Weekly SPA” introduced a new, unique way of differentiating SNSD members. According to the article, SNSD members are “all too pretty and charming that it’s challenging and confusing to distinguish each member among the group.” So “Weekly SPA” kindly stepped up to help the Japanese public who are lost by giving detailed descriptions about each member and grouping the girls into three big categories: “Four Heavenly Kings,” “Strong Characters,” and “The Americans.”

The article features various interesting facts about each member; whether all the information is true or accurate, I’m not so sure about, so we will just have to believe this is their opinion. Anyways, here is their breakdown of each SNSD member. Check it out! 😉

Four Heavenly Kings

TaeYeon: Birthday – 3/9/1989; Height – 162 cm

The leader of SNSD, has also enjoyed success as a solo artist due to her powerful vocal skills. She once tried to step down from her role as a leader as she was overwhelmed by the burdens and responsibility. She has a secretive side of her as she never exposes her bare face even to her members. The eyeglass shop that her parents own, ‘Eyebis,’ is now a tourists’ hot spot among fans.

YoonA: Birthday – 5/30/1990; Height – 166 cm

Exudes radiating, actress-like beauty. She appeared in the drama ‘You Are My Destiny’, which received over 40% of viewer ratings. She is known to be the No.1 actress in the group and has acted in numerous other dramas. Male fans fall for her tiny face and slim body. She’s known for being a crazy fan of Kimura Takuya. 

Yuri: Birthday – 12/5/1989; Height – 167 cm

Known as the ‘Black Pearl’. She maintains her beauty through yoga, dancing, and sticking to a strict diet. She is classified into the ‘good woman’ category among the members. She also puts in great effort to keep up with her style.  She can be considered an all-around talent who appears in variety shows and also actively participates in social work. She tends to play coy by turning prudish and shy in the presence of male actors.

Sooyoung: Birthday – 2/10/1990; Height – 170 cm

While she has what it takes to be a super model—170 cm and 48 kg—she is known for having a large appetite for food. She once made a debut in the Korean-Japanese group “route0″ through a Japanese audition program “ASAYAN” when she was 11 years old. She is fluent in Japanese and she is popular among the girls in the group for having a cool personality.

Strong Characters

Seohyun: Birthday – 6/28/1991; Height – 168 cm

Has a ‘diligent woman’ image and is the youngest member of the group. She is known as a health maniac who states “I would rather die than to be unhealthy.” Her special talents include being fluent in Chinese and playing the piano. There is a slightly ‘otaku’ side to her and is known for being an assiduous college student.

Hyoyeon: Birthday – 9/22/1989; Height – 160 cm

There is no doubt that she’s the dancing queen. More of a charismatic type rather than the cute girl type. Although she doesn’t have a lot of avid fans compared to other members, she is popular among girls because of her good fashion sense. She’s in charge of the ‘weird hairstyle’ within the group.

Sunny: Birthday – 5/15/1989; Height – 155 cm

She is considered No.1 comedian among the members. Due to her cute charms and strong sense of humor, she is actively showcased in variety shows. She holds the title of “No.1 idol that people want to invite to their business get-together.” She has a large ajusshi fan base due to her cute charms and bright face. Her uncle Lee Soo Man is the founder and chairman of SM Entertainment.

The Americans

Jessica: Birthday – 4/18/1989; Height – 163cm

Known as the ‘Ice Princess’ because she tends to make strong remarks without showing any changes in her facial expressions. She sings many impressive parts in the songs since she’s skilled in hitting the high notes. She’s the No.1 most popular member among Korean female fans because she’s a fashionista who changes her styles often. She has the most scandal rumors among the SNSD members.

Tiffany: Birthday – 8/1/1989; Height – 162cm

She’s the type of person who is admired by others for being able to maintain self-control. She is a Korean American who was scouted in Los Angeles. Although her Korean isn’t as fluent as the other members, she has impressive vocal skills. While she appears to be an Asian from the outside, she thinks and acts completely like an American. Known for her adorable moon shaped eye-smiles. She has recovered from numerous injuries.

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