Big Bang Opens Up About Their Disbandment Rumors

In this special episode themed “We Don’t Have Any Problems,” Big Bang who marks fifth year since their debut, appeared to assess whether the group has any jeopardy of having a “five-year-jinx” like the past idols—Seo Taiji and Kids, H.O.T, S.E.S, g.o.d—which disbanded within five years.

Except for Daesung, who wasn’t able to attend due to a personal schedule, all the other Big Bang members were showcased. They confessed that they went through several moments where they faced risks of disbanding. Seungri confessed, “After the success of my first solo “Strong Baby,” I became supercilious.”

Taeyang also revealed, “After about four years, we started considering taking separate paths as we each got ambitious and busier with various solo activities. I felt that we were slowly growing distant from each other.” T.O.P also stated, “We felt upset over false rumors created by people and their one-sided way of viewing us.”

Through a phone call, Daesung explained, “There were many moments where we were stressed out and burdened that we would get disbanded. We fought a lot, especially while preparing for our recent comeback album, because we had difficulty closing the gaps between divergent opinions. As we went through a lot of solo and unit activities in the past, it became harder to us to reach agreements on various matters. Although I didn’t necessarily think that this situation would lead us to get disbanded, I felt that if this continues to go on, then we wouldn’t be able to survive as a group for too long.” 

Despite such risk of disbandment, Big Bang was able to overcome those critical moments and stay united as a strong team. Daesung added, “Since we’re like a family, I hope that we’ll remain as a group and close knit brothers for a long time.”

In order to go back to their rookie mindset, Big Bang also showcased their individual talents which they had presented back in the days when they made their debut. Furthermore, they revealed that the obstacles they would need to overcome in order to remain as a long lasting group are “not getting too obsessed over money and popularity” and “protecting their trust, faith, and managing personal life.”