Kim Tae Hee Models Cartier for Harper’s Bazaar

Beautiful actress Kim Tae Hee recently posed for a Harper’s Bazaar photo spread featuring fashion items from the French luxury jeweler and watchmaker Cartier. The photo shoot was located in Bali, Indonesia and was shot from the 31st of March till the 5th of April. Although Kim Tae Hee has shot numerous photo spreads in the past, it was the first time she collaborated with a luxury brand.

The concept of the photo spread was capturing luxury that radiates from within the exotic scenery. Kim Tae Hee showed off her elegant beauty while sporting over twenty different Cartier rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches with the amazing view of the ocean and a luxurious villa in the background.

It has been said that the cost of the Cartier accessories that were used for the photo shoot easily amounted to several million dollars in value, as they’re top luxury goods. Thus, the staff had to be extra careful with security in order to avoid losing any of the items. Kim Tae Hee’s elegant and ritzy photo spread will be featured in the May edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Yay, can’t wait to see it! �de09