Orange Caramel Transforms from Cute to Sexy? : Nude-Tone Photos Stir Curiosity

Glamorous photos of Orange Caramel, which have been surfacing on the web, have been receiving a lot of attention lately. In the photos taken on set, Orange Caramel is dressed up in a sexy nude-tone tube top with makeup that emphasizes their lips. These photos have been spreading throughout the internet as they have been uploaded in various online community websites. However, fans are expressing great curiosity because it remains unclear as to what purpose the photo shoot was for.

Netizens have commented, “So they’re taking these stylish photos for what?”, “Is it that Orange Caramel is to make a debut as a model for a makeup commercial?”, “Unlike their typical image, they look more mature, how lovely.” Their agency Pledis increased the curiosity as they stated, “It’s not a photo spread or a commercial shoot. It’s one of the projects that we’re working on in thanks to the fans who have shown great love for Orange Caramel.” Hmmmm curious curious, what could the beautiful girls be up to? Can’t wait to find out! �de00