IU “When I See Male Idols Dressed in School Uniforms…”

“The Nation’s Little Sister” IU revealed that she loves guys dressed in school uniforms and guys with nice collarbone lines.

IU made a guest appearance on the March 7th episode of KBS’s “Happy Together 3.” When asked the question “Where would you want to go if you were an invisible person?”, IU surprised everyone by responding, “I want to go visit a boys’ high school.” She added in a shy manner, “Since I go to a girls’ high school, I don’t get to see male students dressed in school uniform. But when I do see them, they look so hot.”

Also, IU unveiled her interesting and unique ideal type by confessing, “I felt heart-fluttered before by a male idol who was rehearsing in a school uniform” and “I get interested in guys who have nice collarbone lines that slightly show through when wearing a large t-shirt.” IU’s remarks led to a funny situation as Park Myung Soo and Kim Joon Ho both started competing in showing their collarbones to IU, making everyone burst into laughter. In this episode, IU also showcased her charming dance moves for her songs “Boo,” “Marshmallow,” “Good Day,” and of course her famous trademark “three-level high notes.“