The Skinny Legs Title Goes to. . . What!?

As the weather is getting warmer, the season for dieting is back. While stars with slim and sexy bodies shown on TV and on the big screen motivate us to diet, at times there are also some stars that we feel worried for because they just look way too skinny. Especially, for those stars who have chop-stick like ultra skinny legs, we wonder if they can even walk well with those fragile looking legs. Who are these stars with legs nicknamed “superfine fiber” legs because they’re just so shockingly thin? 

Recently, Hong Soo Ah uploaded a photo of herself dressed up as a cheer leader. She revealed her sleek body line by wearing a white ballerina-style skirt under a baseball jacket. Also, she emphasized her long and skinny legs by wearing high knee socks. However, netizens expressed mixed reactions, some sympathetic and others jealous, to her photos due to her skinny legs. “Her legs look like chopsticks,” “wow, her super thin legs along with her skinny 22 inch waist,” “her long mannequin legs are so pretty.”

Along with Hong Soo Ah, there is an extensive list of female celebrities who have ultra skinny legs, just to name a few, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Yo Won, Hyomin, Jung Ryeo Won, Goo Hara, and SNSD.

Yet, male celebs are no exception. Here are some male stars that make female fans jealous for having legs that are just as skinny as female legs.

2AM’s Jo Kwon is well-known for having “superfine fiber” legs. It’s shocking how unbelievably skinny Jo Kwon’s legs are! Last August, Jo Kwon was a joint MC with Seo In Young for the “Mnet 20’s Choice Award.” Jo Kwon donned a black tuxedo with skinny style pants and matched Seo In Young very well who wore a gray mini dress. However, what really got people’s attention instead were Jo Kwon’s ultra slim legs, not their stunning outfits. In the photo of the two walking in together, Jo Kwon’s legs appear to be just as skinny as Seo In Young’s legs. Fans have claimed, “Are these really male legs?,” “slimmer than females, unbelievable,“ “Is Jo Kwon a male or a female?”.

In the unreleased photos from his fan meeting “FAN MEETS TOUR 2010, SEOUL,” Jay Park revealed his surprisingly skinny legs. Fans have commented, “Wow, sleek legs,” “You should eat more and gain some weight!”

Oh my Taemin! Your legs are sooooooooo skinny! Almost as skinny as Min Hyo Rin’s?!!!!!

Wow… Song Joong Gi’s legs are milk white and super skinny!

Fashionista Yoo Ah In is also famous for his extremely skinny legs. At an interview in “Mnet Wide” that aired on March 30th, Yoo Ah In challenged for the top spot of the “’superfine fiber” against Jo Kwon for the ‘’superfine fiber” legs title. When the interviewer commented that he is the “next superfine fiber legs following Jo Kwon,” Yoo Ah In stated, “I think my legs look better. My legs are a bit longer.” He also added, “In the past, I would get really stressed out about my legs because they’re so skinny. However, I think my legs look good these days because I gained some calf muscles through boxing for the filming of the movie ‘Wandeukki.’”

Tony An’s female-like skinny legs were also unveiled through photos that were posted on one community website. In this photo which was taken from the shooting set of SBS’s “Running Man,” Tony An’s remarkably slim legs are noticeable as he is donned in lime green shorts, waiting for the filming to start. Netizens complimented Tony An’s legs by stating, “the king of all superfine fiber legs!”, “Tony An has feminine legs as well as a delicate face,” “you could join a girl group,” “let’s switch your legs with mine.”