SNSD’s Yoona & Sunny Reveal Radiating Beauty in “Running Man”

SNSD members Yoona and Sunny made a guest appearance in SBS’s “Good Sunday—Running Man.” The two participated in the “Find the Guests” segment of the “Running Man” shooting that took place on April 4th at the Seoul Folk Flea Market.

 It wasn’t easy to find the two girls because they were wearing a hat and dressed up in dark colored casual clothes so that they would blend in with the crowd and remain inconspicuous from the searching “Running Man” members. Despite the disguise, they weren’t able to fully conceal their radiating natural beauty during the filming, wowing all the staff members as well as the people at the market.

The “Running Man” members made everyone laugh because as soon as they found out that the guests were Yoona and Sunny, they got excited and actually started cheering for them when they should be competing with them. It was told that everyone had a great time, with Haha taking photos with the two girls during the filming and Gerry also taking a commemorative photograph with them. The battle between the two SNSD girls and the “Running Man” members will be aired on the April 17th episode of “Running Man.”