Park Min Young’s Glamorous Photoshoot from Jeju Island

Actress Park Min Young radiated her elegance through a photospread shoot taken in Jeju Island. In this recent photoshoot for the clothing brand “Compagna,” Park Min Young showed off her beauty and romantic smile, donning cute and stylish summer outfits.

With the exotic atmosphere of Jeju Island, blue sea and palm trees, in the background, Park Min Young featured the summer collection of “Compagna”. The collection includes blue dresses, striped jackets, and green blouses.

Once the photoshoot started, the filming spot soon became packed with Jeju Island tourists and Park Min Young’s fans. Despite the tight schedule of having to shoot photos of wearing over forty different outfits within two days, the actress was able to successfully complete the photoshoot, receiving great praise from the staff members.

According to a representative from “Compagna,” Park Min Young amazed the staff with her professional side by not losing her smile despite having to wear thin and short summer clothes for the shooting during the chilly weather.

Meanwhile, Park Min Young is currently busy filming SBS’s “City Hunter” that is scheduled to premiere on May 25th.