Jung Yong Hwa Screams “Seohyun I Love You!” on “Strong Heart”

Jung Yong Hwa’s love confession scene to Seohyun has been stirring much curiosity among netizens. In the next week’s trailer of SBS’s “Strong Heart” that was followed by the episode aired on the 12th, Jung Yong Hwa screams “Seohyun, I love you!” Then he seems to blame himself, stating “oh man, what am I going to do now” making viewers even more eager and curious!

Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun have recently left MBC’s “We Got Married” where they enjoyed much love from fans as the goguma couple. With this being the case, netizens are so eager to find out what the implications of Jung Yong Hwa’s confessions to Seohyun were. Can’t wait to find out! Don’t miss next week’s episode of “Strong Heart”! �de00