Han Ye Seul’s Goal for 2011: Get Married

SBS’s Night of TV Entertainment caught up with actors Han Ye Seul and Song Seung Heon at the set of their new advertisement shoot for Caffé Bene. During the interview, the reporter asked, “Where do you date? We’ve never seen you before. You guys are too thorough.” Han Ye Seul surprised everyone by saying, “Honestly, I’d rather skip the dating process and get married straight away.”

 She added, “I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage these days. I hope to spread the good news soon! My goal for 2011 is to get married.” Her comment came as a surprise, and many are speculating if she’s been hiding a special someone.

 Han Ye Seul has been casted as the lead in KBS2’s new drama Spy Myung Wol, returning to the small screen after a year away.

Source: nate.com