Sandara Park and Jung Il Woo Dressed in Ninja Outfits?!

2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed a photo that she took with actor Jung Il Woo. On the 15th, she posted on her me2day account the following photo, along with the note “a fresh photo of predebuted Dara and scheduler Il Woo from the past!”.

In the photo, Sandara Park and Jung Il Wo are standing withresolutely determined expressions on their face, donned in black ninja outfits. Prior to her debut as a singer, Sandara Park had appeared in the MBC drama “The Return of Iljimae” (2009) in which Jung Il Woo was the leading actor. In the drama, Sandara played the role of Leeae from the Japanese Ninja village, Il Woo saves her life by giving her a wild ginseng.

Sandara wrote, “Iljimae and Ninja Leeae practicing martial arts! So I had a photo like this… cute! Superior even three years ago!?”. She further added, “Wait, wait. Not a Grim Reaper but a scheduler. It looks like I’ll become a fan of scheduler who’s so unique! It’s (SBS’s drama “49 Days”) so much fun!”

Netizens have commented, “You look so nice in a Ninja outfit!,” “It’s only three years ago, and the two of you look so young,” “hot looking male and female.”