Watching SNSD’s Dance Promotes Brain Development?!

A Japanese professor made an interesting argument that watching SNSD’s dance is good for brain development. On the April 14th episode of SBS’s “Midnight Entertainment,” a clip of a Japanese professor claiming that the choreography of SNSD’s Genie helps brain development.

Neuroscientist Professor Sawaguchi stated, “SNSD have young faces, long arms and legs, and perfect bilateral symmetry. Just by looking at them, it develops your brain.” The panel judges that appeared on the show asked the professor, “Do all the dance moves that SNSD perform help brain development?” and he replied, “’Genie’ is the best out of all them. It can’t be KARA or AKB48. The dance promotes brain development because it emphasizes the hands and legs.”

In an attempt to prove this, “Midnight Entertainment” tried experimenting it on males and females in their forties. The results showed that there is an increase in the concentration rate after following along with the ‘Genie’ dance.