[EXCLUSIVE] YG Entertainment a New Beat in the Works

Soompi had another chance to visit YG Entertainment yesterday in order to discuss Big Bang’s Global Promotion Event which is ongoing on the Big Bang Facebook page (see forum here). I went to their last concert and was blown away (concert review) so don’t miss this opportunity to vote and possibly see them in your country.

YG Entertainment is abuzz with activity and sitting in the conference room next to the studio hinted at something to come. What I heard was hard to say as it was coming from the other room but it sounded like the instrumentals to a new unheard YG Entertainment song. I could hear one strong unique voice singing over the melody but couldn’t make out who it was although the instrumentals were quite clear.

The song started with a piano sound which reminded me of Big Bang’s “Tell Me Goodbye,” except the piano was playing slightly slower. The vocals came in and the beat picked up; the background beat sounded like a club beat with a techno vibe to it. The run up beat and break into the chorus sounded very much like the Big Bang “Hands Up” song, which like this song would slow after the excitement was at its greatest. I knew this wasn’t “Hands Up” because throughout the song you had a constant piano beat in the background. It almost sounded like they were playing two different songs as the beats differed so much but I think it was the calm beats/sounds heard after the beat build up.

Although it sounded very much like some of Big Bang’s music, the melody was unique and seemed to match that of the vocals. I have a few singers in mind that have powerful unique vocals, but can’t say for sure who was singing on the track. I was hoping for the studio door to open so that I could get a better idea but all I was left with was the sense that this was an awesome song.

There was never a part where I could distinctively hear the voice; I couldn’t hear if it was Big Bang or some other YG Entertainment singer/s. I think it may have been the instrumental version but was sure I could hear vocals during the upbeat chorus sections. YG Entertainment did mention that they had something in the works and wanted us to come back on Monday but wouldn’t tell us anymore. This will be a long weekend, but I am a sucker for the piano and club beats. Can’t wait to hear more from YG Entertainment and hope I can preview on Monday another big hit.