Soompi Daily Digest – Apr. 15th, 2011

Here we bring a daily run-through of our top stories for each day. It’ll serve as your daily digest for all things KPOP!

Top Stories of the Day:

1)     2NE1 coming back very soon?! (

YG Entertainment released a giant teaser image with a message reading, “2NE1 Coming Soon.”

2)     Recap of KBS Music Bank 04.15.11 (

CN Blue wins Music Bank for the third week in a row! Block B had their debut performance while NS Yoon Ji and Dal Shabet had their comeback performances.

3)     [Exclusive] YG Entertainment: A new beat in the works? (

Team Soompi had a chance to visit YG’s headquarters yesterday – but heard what sounded like the instrumentals to a new unheard YGE song. Whose song could it possibly be??

4)     Sandara Park and Jung Il Woo dressed in Ninja outfits (

Check out these old school photos of Sandara Park and Jung Il Woo!

5)     Does watching SNSD’s dance enhance brain development? (

This Japanese professor claims watching SNSD’s dance is good for brain development. Do you agree?

6)     F(x) releases teaser for “Danger” (

After a long break, f(x) finally releases a MV teaser from upcoming album “Pinocchio.”

7)     Actress Han Ye Seul wants to get married in 2011 (

In a recent TV interview, Han Ye Seul shocked everyone by saying, “I’d rather skip the dating process and get married straight away.” 

8)     Still photos of SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s new musical “Goong” (

Take a sneak peek into Kyu Jong’s new musical “Goong.” Does he look better than DBSK Yunho (who used to play the same role)?

9)     Super Junior’s K.R.Y releases teaser for “Fly” (

The teaser for the main theme song of “Superstar K3” is released!

10)    Big Bang is coming to you – Cast your vote now!! (

Go to Big Bang’s official Facebook page and cast your vote – Big Bang will visit the country with the most votes! 

Photo of the Day:

Private Hyun Bin at your service! Another photo of Hyun Bin’s military training has been released today. The caption says he’s hanging on to that rope from 21 meters high! OMG!!!

Tweet of the Day:

Sandara Park of 2Ne1 posts this 11 second audio teaser of possibly Park Bom’s upcoming new single on her me2day ( We’re so pumped!

Quote of the Day:

“2NE1 is Coming”YG Entertainment posts an image indicating 2NE1’s come back is very near.

Release of the Day:



F(x) has finally released a teaser video for their upcoming new album “Pinocchio.” Can’t wait for their full video!

Best Person of the Day:

Rain tops the list of Time Magazine’s “World’s Most Influential 100 Poll,” with 311,899 votes. Ironically though, he’s also #1 on the “not influential” category!



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