New Albums And Singles Preview – 2011 April Week 3

F(x) Vol. 1 – Pinocchio (April 20)

01 Pinocchio (Danger)
02 Sweet Witches
03 Dangerous
04 Beautiful Goodbye
05 Gangsta Boy
06 Love
07 Stand Up!
08 My Style
09 So Into U
10 Lollipop (feat. SHINee)

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Asia’s hot icon, f(x) returns this month with their first full-length album, “Pinocchio.” The album consists of electronica pop number, “Pinocchio” along with nine other songs of various genres. The girls have constantly brought experimental music with songs such as “Chu” and “NU ABO” and are expected to do the same with “Pinocchio.”


Monday Kiz – Memories Cantare (April 19)

01 The Spring of Monday
02 Starlight
03 Heartbreak
04 Shoo roo roop

05 Break Up After
06 Starlight INST
07 Shoo roo roop INST

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Monday Kiz, who released a remake album, “Nostalgia” this past January returns this spring with a new mini album, “Memories Cantare” (translates to “memories sing” in Italian). The title track is “Shoo roo roop,” a medium tempo track in minor key about hurtful love that disappears like the wind. Monday Kiz leader Lee Jin Sung and Hang Sang Won are responsible for composing and penning the lyrics to this track. Listeners can hear this sad song flow with swing rhythms.


49 Days OST (April 20)

01 49 Days
02 Forgettable (Seo Young Eun)
03Tears Necklace (INST)
04 Nothing Wrong (Jung Yup)
05 Can’t Happen? (Tim)
06 Soul Change (INST)
07 Feeling’s There (Navi)
08 Silent Regrets (INST)
09 Scarecrow (Jung Il Woo)
10 Until When (Park Boram (Superstar K2)
11 Devil’s Tears (INST)
12 Because There’s One Heart (J-Symphony)
13 The Circle of Life (INST)

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“Every person dies. Nobody thinks about it, but it’s something everyone has to go through some time or another. Is there anyone that will truly cry for me when I die? This is a tale of two women’s lives entangled for 49 days in search of pure tears.”

Top artists have taken part in the soundtrack for popular drama series, “49 Days,” a melodrama with fantasy elements where two women’s lives are entangled for 49 days. Artists include Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeop who sings the main theme song, “Nothing Wrong,” Seo Young Eun, who sings “Forgettable” and Navi who sings “Feeling’s There.”


With Special Guests: Fukuyama Masaharu Remake (April 20)

01 Rainbow (B2ST)
02 Firefly Light (Tei)
03 Sunflower (Lim Jung Hee)
04 Best Love (G.NA)
05 Mika Tea
06 Ultramarine
07 Lover
08 First Love

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Korea’s top artists such as B2ST, Tei, Lim Jung Hee, and G.Na take part in super singer songwriter, Fukuyama Masaharu’s best album. This special album consists of remakes sung by Korean singers for all to enjoy.


Super Junior K.R.Y (single) – FLY (released)

01 FLY

Asia’s top group, Super Junior and top audition show, “Superstar K3” meets this month. Super Junior sub-group, Super Junior K.R.Y (consists of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) sings the theme song, “FLY” for the upcoming show to root fellow contestants. The song was composed by Park Geun Tae who has written other hit songs such as Baek Ji Young’s “Don’t Love” and Jewelry’s “One More Time.” “FLY” has a mainstream melody along with lively rock sounds and orchestra accompaniment.


Supreme Team (single) – Hommage to Quincy Jones (released)

01 I’m Full (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)
02 I’m Full (INST)

Korea’s top hip-hop duo, Supreme Duo returns this month with a new single as an homage to legendary artist, Quincy Jones. The song was composed by Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Primary and was originally going to be a part of the former artist’s album. Gaeko’s emotional vocals along with Supreme Team’s smooth rap are expected to capture listeners’ interests.


Click B (single) – To Be Continued (released)

01 Like Words
02 Always
03 Like Words INST
04 Always INST

Click-B, one of Korea’s top boy bands in the 90’s returns after eight years with a new single, “To Be Continued.” Fans are able to hear Oh Jong Hyuk’s powerful vocals, Yoo Ho Suk’s sweet voice, and Woo Yun Suk’s emotional rap. There are two new songs, the first one being “Like Words,” a medium tempo song with powerful sounds and grand string sounds. The emotional lyrics and rock melody complete this track. The second song is the title track, “Always.” It is a sad number about how hard it is to forget a past lover. The strong beats and rhythmical vocals the members bring out are something only Click-B can do.


Other Releases:
Dok2 – Gonzo: Hustle Real Hard (April 19)
Apink – Mini-Album 1: Seven Springs of Apink (April 19)
Soulman – From the Road (April 20)
Sogyumo Acacia Band – Vol. 4 Ciaosmos (April 20)
Jung Min (Jazz) – Journey Home (April 21)
Kim Wan Sun – Super Love (April 21)
B1a4 – Let’s Fly (April 21)
Lakinrad – Rest: EP Vol. 1 (April 21)
Chae Soo In – Vol. 1 New York Love Story (April 21)
Thorn Tree Bird OST (April 22)

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