IU Participates in Korean Animation Movie OST for the First Time

IU will be singing the main title OST for the Korean animation movie “The Hen that Came Out to the Yard,” according to the animation production company Myung Film on the 18th.

The main title song was composed by film music Director Lee Ji Soo, known for composing music for movies such as “Old Boy,” “Blood Tears,” “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.” The lyrics for the OST were written by Kim Lee Na, known for writing IU’s “Good Day” and “Nagging.” This is the first time that IU will be sing a theme song for an OST.

“The Hen that Came Out to the Yard,” directed by Oh Sung Yoon, is the first Korean animation movie to be exported and released in Korea and China on the same date.

“The Hen that Came Out to the Yard” is an animation movie that sketches the adventures of a hen named “Ipsak,” who escaped from a chicken yard, and a mallard named “Chorokgi”. The movie was created with a budget of $3 million and actors Moon Sori and Yoo Seung Ho each voiced the characters “Ipsak” and “Chorokgi.”

Currently, the movie is going through its final touches before its premiere scheduled this summer.