Girls’ Generation is to the United States as KARA is to Russia ?

Recently, a fun analogy comparing Korean girl groups to various countries surfaced the internet. The comparisons took into consideration each group’s popularity, image, and characteristics before assigning each group to a country. The comparisons started off with Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation – the United States

KARA – Russia

Girls’ Generation was listed as the United States, the most powerful country in the world. Similarly, Girls’ Generation is one of the most influential girl group in Korea. KARA was then positioned as Russia, US’s direct rival. KARA started off as a relatively small and weak group but grew strong enough to rival Girls’ Generation. Unfortunately, KARA, like Russia, has been weakened with internal strife.

2ne1 – China

f(x) – Canada

2NE1 was listed as China, a rising powerhouse country strong enough to challenge the United States (Girls’ Generation). While Girls’ Generation labelmates f(x) is gaining prominence, it is still quite hidden behind its sister group’s shadows as well as dependent. Hence, f(x) has been compared to Canada.

T-ara – Japan

4Minutes – Brazil

The original writer named T-ara as Japan because both have a tendency to deny their past. T-ara has never officially clarified nor explained any of its rumors. 4Minute was analogized to Brazil for its powerful and scandalous dances. Recently, 4Minute has been criticized for its “spread leg” dance for Mirror Mirror.

Wonder Girls – England

After School – India

Wonder Girls was compared to England. Just as the English language spread throughout the world, Wonder Girls’ catchy songs hooked listeners worldwide. Lastly, After School was named India because the number of its members just keeps growing like India’s population.

Many fans have commented the comparisons as original, creative, and logical. What are your thoughts?

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