2NE1 Minzy Reveals “Ten Commandments” Made during Trainee Days

Minzy tweeted this cute but impressive list of 10 rules she stuck to during her trainee days, giving fans an idea of how hard she worked to become a 2NE1 member. Titled “Gong Minzy’s Ten Commandments for Training,” it lists the ten rules the youngest member of the group observed as a trainee, as she commented, “My diary during my trainee days lol…The Ten Commandments I came up with…it’s sooo funny >.<.” The list does bring a smile to your face, but considering Minzy just turned 17 in January, it’s really impressive how focused and mature she was at the tender age of 13 or 14 before her debut as a 2NE1 member.

Here’s the complete list with English translations:

1) When practicing, stay focused and fully train yourself

2) Don’t complain and keep your position

3) Aim for higher goals

4) Always keep an open mind

5) Stay positive and have a bright attitude (Be polite to others)

6) Carefully go over the training and video concepts

7) Work harder on things that’s don’t work well

8) Don’t try to be the best; Do your best

9) Get stronger whenever you fail

10) Always pray and thank the lord!