Soompi Daily Digest – Apr. 18th, 2011

Here we bring a daily run-through of our top stories for each day. It’ll serve as your daily digest for all things KPOP!

Top Stories of the Day:

1) A fun analogy comparing Korean girl groups to various countries. See what group your country is! (

2) Big Bang releases Japanese version of “Tonight” MV (

3) SHINee’s Key is exhibiting 16 works of art with his uncle architect Kim Dong Hee (

4) Another recap by the one and only jbarky— this time he brings a recap of SBS “Night After Night” (

5) Part 2 of the “Idols and Their Super Duper Adorable Pets” by Soompi’s top celeb expert cherryspirit (

6) Teaser photos of Lee Min Ho shooting his new drama “City Hunter” (

7) Jang Geun Suk wins the Most Influential Korean Artist Award at the CMA in China! (

8) Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s new drama title has finally been decided (

9) F(x) finally unveils their new song “Pinocchio (Danger)” (

10) Find out more details on 2NE1’s upcoming album, concert, and 2NE1 TV (

Photo of the Day:

Victoria releases this photo of the group celebrating f(x)’s digital album topping various music charts.

Tweet of the Day:


2NE1 Minzy tweets this photo of her own “Ten Commandments” created during her trainee days… very impressive! (

Quote of the Day:

“I’m used to being called a pretty woman…I think I’d be a bit sad if I were to have a normal appearance and lifestyle.”Kim Tae Hee in an interview with Cosmopolitan. (

Release of the Day:

After School finally announced their comeback through this teaser of newcomer E-Young. Their first official album, “Virgin,” is set for release on Apr. 29th.

Best Person of the Day:

SNSD Sunny—She reacted calmly to an unidentified man who suddenly appeared from backstage and dragged Taeyeon off-stage. Due to the security’s slow response, Sunny had to follow and persist on stopping the stranger. (