2PM’s Unreleased Japanese Debut Single Tops USEN Chart ★

2PM’s Japanese debut single “Take Off” topped the USEN’s Weekly J-POP Chart on April 13th, according JYP Entertainment on the 17th. This is the first time that a Korean artist’s debut song placed first on this chart.

JYP stated, “The song ‘Take Off,’ which was pre-released on the 4th, ranked 1st place on the chart of USEN, Japan’s largest cable television company. The official release of the debut single is next month.”

The USEN chart composition is based on various cable channels and requests from listeners. USEN is known as a reliable source for measuring popularity as it provides music broadcasting services in a variety of stores, such as drug stores and coffee shops, nationwide.

“Take Off” also reached the #1 spot on the daily chart of “Uta Net Mobile” on the 14th. “Take Off” will be used as the end song for the animation “Blue Exorcist,” which will start airing on the 17th on MBS and TBS’s nationwide net TV. Mobile and ringtone services will launched on the same day as well.

Success of 2PM’s Japanese debut single was expected as 2PM enjoyed explosive popularity. Last December at their showcase in Japan, 2PM attracted more than 25,000 fans. Matching numbers were seen at their performance in “Mezamashi TV Super Live in Okinawa” last February and the “12th Tokyo Girls Collection” last month. Currently, 2PM is busy working on their Korean album, which is expected to be released in the first half of this year. The “Take off” official single will be released in Japan on the 18th.