Park Bom’s New Single “Don’t Cry” Teaser Image Revealed

Following a couple of audio teasers by Dara over the weekend, YG Entertainment (YGE) has posted an image teaser of Park Bom’s upcoming new single today on the official YG Life blog. Set for release on Apr. 21st, Park Bom’s new single “Don’t Cry” comes as a bit of a surprise as YGE hasn’t given any warnings until last Friday (re: 2NE1 is Coming teaser).

But our inside sources have confirmed us in advance about Park Bom’s new single and Team Soompi was first to break the news of a new YG track in the making (see review) last Thursday. We were also given the privilege to hear the full version of “Don’t Cry” at the YGE studios (see exclusive preview here). Written and composed by Teddy, “Don’t Cry” has all the ingredients to be yet another master piece for YGE, as Soompi’s top music reviewer jvik dubbed it, “Another track to add to YGE’s wall of fame.” Stay tuned for more updates!