Goo Hara a Bad Vocal Day?

 A past video clip of Kara’s Goo Hara singing the song “Because I’m a Girl” during her appearance on MTV’s “Director’s Cut” has been stirring up a lot of controversy online.

Recently, a video clip of Goo Hara singing Kiss’s “Because I’m a Girl” live on the spot to Yoon Jong Shin’s guitar accompaniment has been posted on various online portal websites and community boards and has been receiving an explosive number of clicks so far.

In the clip, songwriter Yoon Jong Shin suggests that Goo Hara sings Kiss’s “Because I’m a Girl.” Goo Hara replies “I used to really love that song” and starts singing it. However, her version of the song is unimpressive due to her weak vocals and unstable notes, and much more lackluster relative to the original version.

While Yoon Jong Shin, Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo and JeA encouraged and complimented her, netizens who have seen the video seem to be arguing the pros and cons.

Some netizens have commented negatively, “I guess God is fair by giving Goo Hara her beauty but bad vocals,” “embarrassing,” “Shockingly bad vocals as a singer,” “Wait, were you reading a book?,” “I wasn’t expecting much from her but this is seriously so bad,” “I guess she’s really not that talented, seeing that she’s not improving despite practice,” “Yeah, so I guess idols these days just need to have the looks,” “she’s nearly tone-deaf,” “disappointing.” On the other hand, others have claimed positively, “She’s not that bad as an idol group singer,” “Her weak voice color seems unique,” “It’s history, so don’t bring it up again,” “The era of being evaluated simply by vocal skills is over now,“ “She’s better than I thought.”

To make things worse, Goo Hara is also being compared with SNSD’s Jessica as Jessica happened to sing the same song in the past and was able to pull it off better than her. Back in 2008 in MBC’s radio “Shimshim Tapa,” Jessica, also sang “Because I’m a Girl,” claiming that “it’s her favorite song” and received favorable response for her impressive vocals. Netizens who have seen both Goo Hara’s and Jessica’s versions have responded, “Goo Hara’s voice is too weak while Jessica’s voice is quite strong,” “Wow, what a huge difference in vocal skills,” “Was ‘Because I’m a Girl’ ever a hard song to sing? Is it the case that Jessica is singing it well? Or Goo Hara is just sucks at singing it?

Meanwhile, on a recent survey taken by vocal trainers Goo Hara placed ranked 2nd for being the worst singer.

Here is the clip of the original version, Goo Hara’s version, and Jessica’s version! Whose version do you like the best? 😉

Goo Hara’s Version

Jessica’s Version

Original Version – Kiss’s Version

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