Hyun Young Reveals Her Home!

Hyun Young’s luxurious home was shown on SBS’s “Good Morning Show” that aired on the 19th. The entertainer invited her close friends over for a housewarming party.  The 3,558 ft² house was nicer than a model house. Ahn Young Mi exclaimed, “it really is wide and large.”

The interior of the house consists of clean black and white tones. You can see that everything was organized because of Hyun Young’s neat personality. Like the fashionista she is, Hyun Young unveiled her filled up dressing room. Ahn Sun Young commented that Hyun Young wouldn’t even notice if she ended up taking something. Viewers could also see her spacious bathroom and bedroom.

Hyun Young particularly showed Ahn Young Mi her safe. She unlocked the safe that contained a land registry certificate and a house deed to show Ahn. Unfortunately Ahn Young Mi turned her focus elsewhere leaving Hyun Young in embarrassment.

Although Hyun Young is successful Ahn Sun Young said, “even if Hyun Young makes a lot of money she’ll be unlike a celebrity if there is a place that will give out free gifts. She waits to take two of the freebies.”

Hyun Young replied, “I end up sharing it with you all anyways!” 

Ahn Sun Young requested, “please just give presents that are money wrapped up.” Leaving everyone in laughter.

The last time Hyun Young was on the show in 2009, she gained attention for living in a semi-basement home that had little light come in. Hyun Young moved to Seoul when she was 21 years old and lived with her older sister. As she worked Hyun Young was able to afford the monthly rent for the semi-basement home. It was the first time she had a home under her name. Hyun Young saved 90 percent of her earnings and after ten years she was able to purchase land and even a house on the mountains.

Source: newsen, tvreport