Fashionista Kim Min Hee’s Glamorous Spring Outing Photoshoot

Top fashionista Kim Min Hee transformed into a gorgeous spring girl for “High Cut” photo spread. The photo shoot took place on sunny April 12th at the Citizen’s Park in Yangjae, Seoul.

Kim Min Hee featured natural, dance-like poses in the woods in a long brown hairstyle and pink blush. She also transformed into a lovely girl who sings spring-themed songs while playing an acoustic guitar. She presented an affordable yet fashionable Tommy Hilfiger Denim style by stylishly sporting typical, everyday clothing such as white t-shirts and shorts, denim jackets, and white jeans.


Among the released photos, the one with the photographer taking a photo of Kim Min Hee is especially gaining much attention. In this stunning photo, Kim Min Hee reveals her sexy waist line while sporting a pastel checked shirt and jeans. The actress proved once again that she has a truly flawless body as it has been told that this photo wasn’t photoshopped at all!

The actress recently finished filming the movie “Moby Dick” along with Hwang Jung Min and Jin Gu. The beautiful sunny spring photospread of Kim Min Hee will be featured in the 51st issue of “High Cut,” which will be available in stores on April 21st.