‘Sexy Low Voice’ T.O.P Can Hit the Highest Notes?

On April 20th, Big Bang members appeared on MBC’s “Park Kyung Rim’s Star Night” and received the following question from a listener: “While T.O.P has a sexy low voice, how high of a note can you hit?”

Taeyang confessed, “Among Big Bang members, T.O.P can hit the highest notes and has the sharpest voice.” G-Dragon added, “More so than being loud, I usually feel that his voice is extremely loud,” while Daesung commented “It’s more like shouting.”

G-Dragon also stated “the microphone probably won’t be able to bear it for long.” T.O.P opened up and pretty much admitted the fact, “I can’t demonstrate it here but when I record I tend to rip speakers.”

Park Kyung Lim, curious of T.O.P’s unexpected high pitch, asked “When can we hear T.O.P’s high notes?”. T.O.P replied “I feel shy and embarrassed when I sing. There’s this pride I have as a rapper.”

G-Dragon commented, “I also do hip hop,” and T.O.P added “G-Dragon and I, both of us get shy when we’re singing.”

Meanwhile, during their appearance, Big Bang sang their double title tracks “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song” for the first time on live radio.