Who in the world is Lee Ji Ah?!

Following today’s stunning news of Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah’s divorce lawsuit, many fans have been questioning the true identity of Lee Ji Ah. We all know her for the roles in MBC dramas “The Legend (Tae Wang Sa Shin Ki),” “Beethoven Virus,” and SBS drama “Athena: Goddess of War,” but aside from that, not much has been revealed or made public about her. Just as her nickname “Alien” exemplifies, Lee Ji Ah has not revealed much of her secret private life, and now all the media and fans are scrutinizing this enigmatic woman’s mysterious identity.

Lee Ji Ah who debuted in 2004 through a TV commercial with Bae Yong Joon, surprised many when she was cast for the leading female role of MBC drama “The Legend.” Not only did she come out of nowhere, it was all the more astounding when no one was able to dig out any of her pre-debut pictures or old friends. Heck, it was even reported in 2008 that she didn’t graduate, let alone ever attend the Pasadena Art Center in California as indicated in her official profile. Her name is being questioned as well. Apparently, her lawsuit is being processed under the name Kim Ji Ah instead of her “official celebrity name” Lee Ji Ah, but it has been reported that her original name in fact was Kim Sang Eun. Likewise her age is in doubt as it was reported that her age in the lawsuit turns out to be 33 years old, as opposed to the listed age of 30 in her official profile.

Moreover, her exceptional language and musical skills have been noted by fans as well. In a YouTube clip introducing MBC drama “Beethoven Virus,” Lee Ji Ah showcased her perfect English skills, and during a promotion for MBC drama “The Legend” in Japan, she once again shocked many with her fluent Japanese. Her musical skills have also garnered a lot of attention when she played bass guitar for Dr. Core 911 and even wrote the song, “Vampire Romance” with the band. She can pretty much sing and write songs, and play the bass guitar as well.

According to her agency, her family moved to the States when she was young and lived there for about 10 years. Her parents currently live in New York and she has one younger brother. She started dating Jung Woo Sung recently and was even having a casual lunch with him a few hours before the lawsuit news broke out, according to local media. But this is pretty much all we know about her. Up until a few hours ago, we had no idea she was married to Seo Taiji, arguably one of the most influential KPOP artists ever, let alone for 14 years. Reportedly the couple has two children and Lee Ji Ah was the one who first filed the lawsuit asking for approximately five billion won (five million USD). Even her boy friend Jung Woo Sung told local media that he had no clue she was married and had children, as he is in a complete state of shock. Neither party has released an official statement yet so until then the true story of Lee Ji Ah will continue to remain hidden in a veil of mystery.