Lee Ji Ah’s Official Statement Regarding Relationship with Seo Taiji

While Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s story has shocked many, Lee Ji Ah finally opened up and admitted her marriage with Seo Taiji. However, she stated that they didn’t have any children.

Lee Ji Ah stated through her agency KeyEast that “She and Seo Taiji are currently in a lawsuit over alimony and asset division.” KeyEast stated, “In the past, Lee Ji Ah wanted a smooth breakup but wasn’t able to do so due to differing ideas. The lawsuit was raised on Jan. 19th, determining that it would be quite difficult to settle it privately.”

Her agency added, “However, even after the lawsuit was raised, both parties weren’t able to come to an agreement and the situation continued to exacerbate. Since both sides did not anticipate that the problems would get this big, they are currently all flustered and trying to get this whole situation under control.”

According to the agency, Lee Ji Ah left to States to study in 1993 and in the same year, she first met Seo Taiji at a Los Angeles Korean Festival. Later, Lee Ji Ah stayed in the States while Seo Taiji went back to Korea to pursue his career. The two continued to keep in touch through mails and phone calls and eventually developed their relationship as lovers.

Later in 1996, Seo Taiji temporarily retired from the entertainment business and moved back to the States. The two got close as Lee Ji Ah assisted Seo Taiji in adapting to the life in the States. And in 1997, the two got married in Nevada and enjoyed their marriage life in Atlanta and Arizona.

KeyEast stated, “Lee Ji Ah stayed alone in the States after Seo Taiji went back to Korea to make his comeback since June 2000. And in 2006, she filed for a divorce and in 2009, the divorce was finalized. The reason for divorce was because of unusual occupations, difference in everyday lifestyle and in personality.

Key East continued, “Lee Ji Ah does not have any children and we would like to make it clear that the current lawsuit they’re in is not a divorce lawsuit.”

Lee Ji Ah stated, “Because Seo Taiji was a popular celebrity, I had no option but to hide my personal history. I am truly sorry to everyone that I couldn’t tell the truth. I had to go through quite difficult periods due to this.” She further added, “Although I was young, I truly loved him. I wanted to end our relationship smoothly but we weren’t able to and I’m deeply sorry for everyone.”

Her agency claimed, “Lee Ji Ah is deeply apologetic toward her close colleagues, friends, coworkers, and her fans for surprising so many people with this situation and not being able to tell the truth earlier.

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