Stars and Their Super Duper Adorable Pets ♥ Part 3

As those of you who have pets would know, pets mean much more than simply animals that we take care of and live with. While they’re special and adorable creatures that we cuddle with, take a walk, play games, feed, and raise, we share mutual dependence. Just as they need us we need them. While we can’t fully communicate with them, they can tell if we are feeling down and lonely; they soothe us by looking into our eyes. These cute fluff balls are our loveable family members, best friend, and close companion that always stay faithfully beside us in an unwavering manner, regardless of how we change or who we become.

In that sense, pets might mean something more special for stars, especially because they always struggle from managing their appearance and image exposed to the public and stress from maintaining their popularity and fame. Aside from how irresistibly cute they look and act, perhaps that’s why stars cling so closely to their pets.

So here are some “Actors & Actresses who are Madly Deeply Truly in Love with their Pets” This is the last part to the three part pet series (Idols and Their Super Duper Adorable Pets ♥ Part 1: GD, Taeyang, Kim Hee Chul, JYJ, SHINee, etc & Idols and Their Super Duper Adorable Pets ♥ Part 2: Jo Kwon, Chansung, Jay Park, T.O.P, Tiffany, Jung Yong Hwa, Junsu,etc) Just as we had fun introducing these adorable pet & star couples, we hope you enjoyed reading them as well! 😉

Lee Min Ho & His Miniature Pinscher Choco

Last July, Lee Min Ho posted a photo of his Miniature Pinscher “Choco” via Twitter, with the text “What do you want?”. In the photo, Choco is staring straight into the camera with prick ears. In the past Lee Min Ho has expressed his love and affection for Choco in numerous interviews and news articles but this was the first time to reveal Choco. Netizens have reacted, “I’m so jealous of Choco for being loved by Lee Min Ho,” “Choco is so blessed,” “I wish I were Choco.”

Kim Gook Jin & Duk Goo Couple

It was as if they were meant to be together! Anyone who saw the “Happy Sunday—Qualifying Men” ‘Abandoned Dog’ episode would know how touching it was see Duk Goo and Kim Gook Jin together. Duk Goo,a poor abandoned dog that was brought to Kim Gook Jin’s house for a couple days as part of the the episode’s mission, would not separate from Kim Gook Jin any instant, cuddle around him the whole time, craving for more affection…In the end, Kim Gook Jin adopted Duk Goo! Happily ever after for Duk Goo! ♥

Gong Hyo Jin & Her Lovely Dog Toto

What a cute dog! They make a lovely couple together! Just like fashionista Gong Hyo Jin, Toto sure knows how to pose in front of the camera! A photo of cute Toto with Gong Hyo Jin’s boyfriend Ryu Seung Bum as well 😉

‘Dog Mania’ Ku Hye Sun & Her Five Dogs

Ku Hye Sun is known to be a huge dog fan. She’s the mom of five dogs named “Yuppgi,” “KKong Chi” “Soondae,” “Baeb,” and “CChang Ah Chi.” Wow, a lot of unique food naming going on here! 😉

‘Dog Lover’ Lee Young Ah & Her Six Dogs ♥

Lee Young Ah has six dogs named Chunsa, Haenim, Sarangyi, Ahrongyi, Gwinami, Byuli. Back in 2008, Lee Young Ah stated during an interview with Vogue, “Since when I really young—hard to even pinpoint when—I lived with puppies all my life. People who know me well say that they can’t imagine Young Ah without puppies.” She added, “I recently moved to an one floor single house near Woomyun Mountain so that my puppies can run around and have all the fun they want. I’m proud and glad that they can now be close to trees and grass.” Awwww how sweet…

Lee Hae Young & Her Bull Terriers Boom Boom & Doroshy ♥

Back in December of 2003, Lee Hae Young participated in the dog show with Doroshy and won first place! Lee Hae said in a past interview “I was brought up with dogs since I was a baby. Dogs and cats are a part of my life. I haven’t seen a funny, cute, lovely dog breed like Bull Terrier.”

Lee Hae Young once stated in an interview, “Whichever kind of animal you raise, it’s important that you raise them with affection. It’s the same as raising a baby. It’s nice that you give them delicate care and attention, and have the mindset that ‘we’re living together’ as a companion. Then whatever pet it may be, it will become a partner who follows you and takes care of you.”

Bae Doo Na & Her Persian Cat Bebe

Bae Doo Na & Bebe? What a cute name 😉 The two look adorable together!

Kim Jung Eun & Her Cats Meli & Sha

Kim Jung Eun raises two cats each named Meli and Sha. Although it’s unclear which cat she is posing with the photo, the two strikingly look alike! 😉 It’s known that both Meli and Sha are usually haughty and cold, ignoring others who call out their names. However, when Kim Jung Eun gets back home from work and calls out their names, Meli and Sha come running to greet her. The actress claimed that she is so close with her two daughters that just by reading their facial expression, she can just tell what they want.

She revealed that there have a certain communication code that they use: when she makes a happy face, they jump up to sit on her lap, and when she’s frowning, they avoid going near her. To Kim Jung Eun, Meli and Sha are inseparable family members and energizers for her life.

Kim Hae Soo & Her Cat Sia

Sia is Kim Hae Soo’s cat that was recently updated on her cyworld ‘pet’ folder. Wow… both share powerful, irresistable charisma! When Kim Hae Soo & Yoo Hae Jin’s love scandal went out, the photo of Kim Hae Soo holding on to Yoo Hae Jin’s Russian Blue cat “Cham” garnered a lot of attention.

It was reported back then that “Kim Hae Soo raises dogs named Hachi and Edgy at home and Yoo Hae Jin also raises a cat named Cham. The two got close due to their common interest in raising pets.” So it looks like Kim Hae Soo bought Sia later.

‘Dog Daddy’ Uhm Tae Woong & His Fourteen Adorable Dogs

Wow… daddy of 14 dogs?!!!! Recently, Uhm Tae Woong updated on his cyworld a cute ‘family portrait’. In the photo, Uhm Tae Woo the daddy is seen encircled by his 14 babies: Choonhee, Geumdol, Kkamdol, Kkamsoon, Lu, Hwangryong, Seonduk, Jindol, Jao, Suldol, Baekdong and three more whose names are unidentified.

Also on April 15th, Uhm Tae Woong showed off his fatherly love for his babies by announcing Choonhee’s easy labor on his twitter. He wrote “Last night, Choonee give easy deliver to four babies” and posted the following photos below. In the first photo, the mommy dog Choonee is together with four of her babies and in the second photo, Uhm Tae Woong is holding on to one of the four tiny puppies that can barely open its eyes yet. OMG sooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Netizens have commented, “The puppy is so cute,” “It looks like Uhm Tae Woong is going to have to work hard in ‘Happy Sunday—1 Night 2 Days’ in order to be able to afford all that dog food.”

Han Chae Young & Her Toy Poodles Dolce & Shany & Chelsea ♥

What a love family 🙂

Oh Seung Eun & Her Bichon Frise Roi ♥

Oh Seung Eun stated during an interview with Vogue in 2008, “Roi is a Bichon Frise breed. It’s the type of breed that the French royal family used to raise in their palace. His name is ‘Roi’ in French. So it’s a French word pronounced in English. It’s been around a year and a half since I’ve adopted him. I was told that before I adopted him, once my close friend’s boyfriend had hit Roi really hard while training him. So whenever I try to pet Roi, he tries to dodge, assuming that I’m trying to hit him. Every time I see that happen, I feel awful. But Roi is a very active boy.”

Kim Sung Min & His Dog Bong Gu & Jae Jae ♥

As you may know, actor Kim Sung Min had been arrested for possession and usage of methamphetamine and recently discharged. For those of you who may be curious, Kim Sung Min kindly updated about his dogs Bong Gu & Jae Jae on his Twitter. Along with uploading three photos, he wrote “Bong Gu and Jae Jae are doing well. I’m deeply sorry.”

Bong Gu

▲ Jae Jae

Jae Jae is the dog that Kim Sung Min adopted through KBS’s “Happy Sunday—Qualifying Men” during the “Abandoned Dog” episode. Bong Gu is the puppy that the actor has been raising so far. Since last December, when Kim Sung Min got arrested, Bong Gu and Jae Jae have been staying with and taken care of by Kim Sung Min’s mom and sister. Well, regardless of their daddy’s unfortunate arrest, it’s nice to see that Bong Gu and Jae Jae seem to be healthy and cute, just as they were before! 😉

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