Seo In Young Radiates Purity and Elegance in a Wedding Dress

‘Hot icon’ Seo In Young tweeted on the 24th two stunning photos of herself donned in a lovely wedding dress during the wedding photoshoot for SBS’s “Good Sunday—Heros.” She also posted “The wind is blowing~ I haven’t been able to go and see cherry blossoms yet.. it’s my first time this spring to wear a wedding dress! Is it pretty? Hey everyone I luv ya~~”

In the photos, Seo In Young showed off her purity and elegance by wearing a full-flowing white wedding dress with a ribbon-shaped hair accessory that matches her cute short hair style. Netizens have commented “The wedding dress matches perfectly with you! Stunning,” “You have the Goddess look!! It looks like you can get married right now!!,” “I want to go cherry-blossom viewing with her.” Meanwhile, Seo In Young is working hard in preparation for her new album release.