Sung Yuri vs. Park Min Young: Who’s the Flower Goddess?

Actresses Sung Yuri and Park Min Young, who are in the midst of actively filming dramas “Romance Town” and “City Hunter,” both appeared sporting flowers.

Sung Yuri, who has enjoyed immense popularity for being the prettiest among all the Fin.K.L members, laughed and cried at a graveyard one afternoon while wearing flowers in her hair. Sung Yuri plays the role of a tough and relentless maid named ‘Noh Soon Keum,” who lives a more turbulent life than any typical 28 year old. Suddenly, one morning, she gets kicked out from the house that she used to work in. Shocked and dismayed, she visits her mother’s grave. At first, she laughs, screams, and runs around jumping, but in the end, she sticks flowers behind her ear and starts crying. However, even the light pink royal azalea blossom she has in her hair and her screaming “I’m going insane. Don’t you think I’m allowed to turn insane?” could not stop Sung Yuri from glowing with beauty.

Park Min Young acts the character ‘Kim Na Na,” a hard-working Blue House (the Presidential residence) body guard, in “City Hunter.” The actress appeared in the middle of the streets of Seoul dressed in an off-shoulder, flower printed laced blouse, and a huge hot pink flower ring. Nana works multiple part-time jobs due to financial difficulties, and on this day, she showed off her sales skills while working a part-time job promoting a hangover cure drink. Since she doesn’t need to dress up like a man anymore with the end of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” Park Min Young is featuring various colorful and girlish clothing styles.

Both actresses are radiating their own unique charms, as Sung Yuri is wearing a plain light pink royal azalea blossom that matches well with her job as a ‘housekeeper and Park Min Young is sporting a hot pink flower ring with a flashy flower printed blouse. Sung Yuri’s “Romance Town” will premier on May 11th, and Park Min Young’s “City Hunter” on May 25th. Between ‘Flower Yuri’ and ‘Flower Min Young,’ who do you think better deserves the title of ‘Flower Goddess’?

Originally written by hurlkie@soompi, Translated by cherryspirit@soompi