Is that Hyun Bin’s Military Coat?!

On April 25th, two interesting photos circulated Hyun Bin’s fan page. An avid fan was able to photograph what are supposed to be Hyun Bin’s military jacket and shirt from a dry cleaner. The name Kim Tae Pyung was written on one of the labels from the clothes. Anyone who’s fan of Hyun Bin knows that his real name is in fact Kim Tae Pyung. The military jacket is also exactly the same as the one Hyun Bin is pictured in during his enlistment day.

Netizens commented, “Just seeing his military clothes makes my heart beat,” “I should send my laundry to that dry cleaner,” and “Can I pick up his dry-cleanings?” Some netizens even attempted to guess Hyun Bin’s clothing size from the labels.

Hyun Bin and his belongings just can’t seem to avoid the spotlight. Who knew dirty laundry could cause so much attention?