Jay Park’s Special Video Message for New Album Release

Jay Park is back at last! He released his new mini album “Take a Deeper Look” offline and online on the 27th.

Jay Park shared his thoughts about his new released album. “The mini album’s title ‘Take a Deeper Look,’ which I came up with, means ‘looking more deeply, appearance doesn’t reflect everything.’ The album consists of seven tracks and all of them deserve to be title tracks. The album features tracks from various genres such as HIP-HOP, R&B, POP and numerous talented musicians—Gonzo, The Quiett, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung—participated in the album, so you won’t regret getting it.

He also shared an anecdote about filming the music video. Regarding the filming of the love scene with actress Park Mi So in the music video, Jay Park commented “Although she appears on screen only for a couple of seconds, in reality we filmed together for about five minutes. It was awkward trying to act as lovers without saying any lines. Still, it’s a relief that the scene didn’t turn out to be that bad in the music video.” He didn’t forget to playfully add “Thank you director for making a love scene.

The star also expressed his thoughts about being back on stage after a long hiatus: “I’m so excited and glad to be back, especially because for this album, I wrote the lyrics and composed the songs with my friends. I had put everything I got into this album. I tried my best so that the fans could be proud of me.

Jay Park’s album has been enjoying explosive popularity so far, recording over 50,000 preordered copies prior to the track releases. Jay Park’s comeback performance is scheduled on May 6th for KBS’s “Music Bank”. We look forward to Jay Park’s long-awaited and anticipated kiss-ass comeback!

Originally written by girlalice@soompi, translated by cherryspirit@soompi