What is up with Huh Gak and His Girl?

Korean news media reported on April 27th today that Huh Gak broke up with his girlfriend.

Certain articles even say that they have talked with Huh Gak’s agency ACube and that the agency has stated “Huh Gak broke up with his girlfriend last February.”

However, other news sources are now saying that Huh Gak has called media sources saying that he has not broken up with his girlfriend.

What is going on?! The speculations are ranging from, 1) The Agency is lying 2) Huh Gak is lying to 3) Korean media sources are spilling unfound rumors. Soompi.com will report on the news once the truth has been confirmed.

Huh Gak won Superstar K2 and during that season, his relationship with his girlfriend was shown often. Currently Huh Gak is preparing for his official debut towards the end of May.